My Green Pregnancy #4: What To Wear – with ThokkThokk and KokoWorld *Sweat Pants*

It is time for another all fair and ethical pregnancy outfit!

Fot this post I am wearing a shirt from KokoWorld that I’ve been wearing since almost a year, and some sweatpants from ThokkThokk which are among my most worn pants at the moment – they are just so comfy!!! I pimped this basic look with my golden vegan bag and sneakers from Nine To Five. Sometimes it’s that easy to make it from PJ style to street wear 😀

Today I want to talk a little bit about sweat pants… and why they are a perfect piece from pregnancy!

I will be honest with you: I love sweatpants, no matter if pregnant or not!

However, when not pregnant I do not wear them quite as much as I do when I am pregnant. Jeans aren’t an option for me right now, any kind of thin cotton pants are way too cold and I pretty much only have the choice between sweatpants or tights! So I began wearing sweat pants more often in public, and even for events and important appointments! I figuered that it is all about how to style the sweat pants – they can be styled up and down as easy as any other basic piece in your wardrobe!

Sweatpants are so perfect for pregnancy because they fit nicely underneath the bump and you will not feel strangled when wearing them. When my belly was a little smaller I wore my blouses with these black sweatpants here, however, my blouses, even my oversized ones, won’t fit anymore. So I go for shirts and long sleeves instead. In the end, even a basic combination of t-shirt and sweat pants, as the one I am wearing here, can be dressed up by adding some fun accessoires like golden sneakers, an unique bag or just a little more jewellery.

These pictures here have been taken in Portugal where it was warm and sunny. Now that I am back in Germany where temperatures are around -7°C, I wear my sweat pants mostly with tight longsleeves and a cozy and warming cardigan on top. I personally do not enjoy wearing sweat pants with bulky sweaters because it makes it look more like a PJ. With tight sweaters, blouses or longsleeves, however, this is a completely different story. Adding a cardigan on top makes pretty much every combination cozy and warm for the cold weather 🙂

Aren’t the details of my shirt so cute? I really like it and used to wear it a lot here in Summer. It was really nice to get the chance to finally wear it again, during our little getaway to Portugal.

By the way, we took these pictures in Troia, close to Setubal in Portugal, where we went for a bird-watching hike. We spent almost a week in Setubal and took the ferry to Troia a couple of times. It’s such a beautiful place where you can enjoy the beach and the lagoon with all it’s birds and beautiful hiking trails.

And here we go with the details of what I am wearing:

Sweatpants from ThokkThokk

T-shirt from KokoWorld

Cardigan found in the HUG Berlin onlineshop

Sneakers and Bag from Nine to Five

Do you wear sweat pants in public? How do you like to combine them? I would love to know!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Februar 1, 2019 / 12:36 pm

    Comfortable clothes are essential during pregenancy, it was Summer when I was pregnant and with a really big belly, so I wore maxi dresses all the time. I think they are very flattering for the bump. But I love your sweatpants, I bet they are so somfy during this time! You are glowing mama:) Have a lovely weekend, hugs:)))

    • Februar 4, 2019 / 3:47 pm

      Thank you so much! I bet you’ve been looking so pretty with your bump and the maxi dresses 🙂