My Green Pregnancy #2: What to Wear – with L’amour est Bleu! *Cotton Dresses*

What to wear when pregnant and when wanting to live this sustainable lifestyle? I will start with this topic in today’s blog post wearing a beautiful fair fashion dress from L’amour est Bleu.

In one of my recent posts I’ve been annoucing that my challenge and project for this pregnancy is to wear only pieces that I will be able to wear after pregnancy as well. Why? Because I do not find it sustainable to buy new clothes to wear for only six months! Simply doesn’t make sense to me from a sustainability perspective.

So in my coming fashion related posts, I will share what kind of clothes go well – for pregnancy and after!

For this post I decided to share this pretty dress made from organic cotton. The dress is super versatile and can be worn in varios ways. This is the kind of clothing that I like – one piece, a million options, and perfect for every occasion and every stage of life.

During my vacation to Portugal I’ve been wearing the dress with bare legs and a cardigan (in the morning). It was warm enough like that. Back home I am wearing it with black tights and a cardigan on top. However, I can even wear it as a shirt and tuck in the front into my pants. Depending on the shoes, the dress comes more dressy or more casual. Here I am wearing no shoes at all – I think this always looks best 😀

On a sidenote: I miss the warm weather and in the sunshine in Portugal! Back here it is raining and snowing pretty much every single day and I haven’t really seen any sunlight ever since I came back from vacation (almost 10 days!). But there is worse, so I won’t complain 😉

Back to dresses. Dresses are PERFECT for pregnancy!

I love wearing dresses these days because they simply are the comfiest to wear. All you need are some tights that fit nicely. I do not even wear pregnancy tights but size up on the regular one. Up to now I can wear the same tights I used to wear before pregancy (I’m in month 6 now) and I am not even sure yet if I will have to get some new ones. When it gets warmer and tights aren’t needed, it is even easier. Then there truely isn’t anything better than a dress.

I love to wear both loose dresses like this one here, and shift dresses or other tight dresses. The tight dresses look for formal which sometimes I like 🙂

This dress isn’t a maternity dress – it is a dress for everyone; including me being pregnant. I’ve seen this dress looking beautiful on many non-pregnant women and I am sure I will enjoy wearing it when my little wonder is born in June. Especially in the first few weeks after delivery, I like wearing rather loose pieces… to allow the belly to slowly get back to place and still feel beautiful.

Now here comes to the only downside of dresses: after delivery it is a little dificult to breatfeed with them. Especially when they are rather tight. This dress here has a loose fit and I think I will even be able to just hold the baby underneath the dress, since there is enough space. When wearing tight dresses this is much harder as you basically have to undress to free your boobs. On the other hand though, there are enough occasions to wear a tight dress after pregnancy where one does not have to breastfeed 😉

You can find this beautiful dress in the L’amour est Bleu online shop. It is currently on sale!

L’amour est Bleu is one of those labels that I just love! A one woman business, a woman with two small children who turned her back to the fast fashion industry to change this world for better. She has a wonderful small collection of timeless pieces that can easily become a capsule wardrobe. If you do not know Thien and her label yet, I highly recommend checking out her website HERE.

The cardigan that I am wearing here is a 100% organic cotton cardigan that I found last year in the HUG Berlin online shop; which actually is another one-woman business from Berlin that I love! There will be more from and about HUG on the blog soon 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of summer vibes in today’s post!? There will be two more outfits from Portugal coming – however, I will also post winter looks and other topics in between. I actually have SO much planned for the next few weeks and months and I am so happy to be able to share so much of what is precious to me here on the blog!

This year there will be a few more posts in German than usual. I know some of you like that, and some of you do not. Whenever I post something in German, I will make sure to share all the essentials of the blog post in english on instagram! Like that, hopefully, no one is going to miss on anything important.

Also, make sure to let me know if you have any questions regarding my pregnancy – on a vegan diet, on what I wear, on what I use for my skin, on anything. I already collected a few questions and will be answering some of them in future blog posts!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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