My Green Pregnancy #11: What to Wear – with LANA Organic *Dresses*

Here we go, finally, with a new maternity outfit – without any maternity clothes! Wearing non-maternity wear during pregnancy is so much easier than you might think! You don’t believe me? Let me show you!

But why do I wear non-maternity wear in the before-last month of my pregnancy at all? Why do I not just shop some maternity pieces? Well, it’s for reasons of sustainability! I do simply not find it very sustainable to wear certain pieces for only a maximum of six months – especially since there are sooooo many options for wearing the same wonderful pieces of clothes before, during, and after pregnancy!

Here on the blog I’ve been showing different ways on how to style blouses, non-maternity pants, pencils skirts, and dresses with a baby bump. You can simply check out the other posts and you will see – it is possible!

Dresses are the easiest when it comes to style a baby bump … however, there are different styles of dresses, different fits, and shapes. So even though I’ve been talking about loose cotton dresses and about knit dresses already, I am not quite done with the topic of dresses yet. There are still some styles that I haven’t shared with you yet: tight dresses aaaaand flared skirt dresses. So today is all about a flared skirt dress!

Wearing dresses that are rather tight in the upper part, yet flared in the lower part add some special attention to the baby bump. And they may make the bump look bigger when it is still small, whereas it may look smaller when it is already pretty big.

I personally don’t enjoy this shape for the smaller baby bump as one cannot really tell easily if the bump that you can see under the wide skirt is a food baby or a real one 😀 . So I prefer waiting with this style until the end of the pregnancy, when one can see without any doubt that there is a baby underneath that skirt 😀

For AFTER pregnancy this shape of a dress is perfect as well – you will be left with a little bit of a bump after giving birth and instead of forcing yourself to get rid of this bump soon, I rather recommend wearing “friendly” clothes such as a dress like this one here that will for sure make you feel beautiful, no matter the size of your leftover baby bump!

On a sidenote: there is nothing to be proud of when it comes to getting rid of a baby bump very fast after delivery. Allow your body to recover, giving it the time it needs – and always make sure to eat PLENTY (nutritious food) so that your baby is getting all it needs through the breast milk!

Now that I’ve been saying a little bit about flared skirts in general, I want to write a little more about this specific dress that I’m wearing here – because this one is not only coming with the perfect shape, but also with a wonderful print!

Wearing dresses with a fun print make every outfit so much “more” – like wearing a simple dress is wonderful because you can combine it with pretty much everything (and I will make sure to show you how I like to combine fitted monocolored dresses during pregnancy), however, when you have a dress with a nice print on, you don’t really need anything else and you will look great!

So in case you are thinking about getting a new dress now that Summer is around the corner, make sure to ask yourself first: do I love combining my pieces with other clothes from my wardrobe? Do I want to wear my new dress with at least 30% of the sweaters/blouses/shirts in my wardrobe on top of it? Or do I prefer wearing my dress as it is, with nothing else on top?

Make your choice depending on the way you personally like to dress! Do not just buy a fancy dress because it’s pretty – but only if you are sure that you will wear it a lot and for a long time!

I have always been the person that loved simple dresses – because those can be styled in endless ways and they can be combined with pretty much everything. However, when my first child came to this world, almost four years ago, I discovered the ease of print dresses. Sometimes life simply gets easier when you have just a few fun print dresses to choose from – because you do not have to think about how to style them. They are the outfit and the accessories 😀

The dress I am wearing here is one of those that I do not want to miss in my wardrobe! I put it on and I feel pretty – no need for any extras. I love that, to be honest 😀

The dress is from the new Spring/Summer collection from LANA, a wonderful fair fashion label based in Germany. The label was founded in 1987 – the year I was born! Since then the company developped from being a tradtional eco-clothes brand to a very fashionable label with a wide range of young customers. I LOVE their unique styles, the fact that they DARE something (like funky prints and not very common shapes and styles), and the idea behind all of their collections; that their customers are able to combine every piece of a certain collection with pretty much everything from the same collection.

You can find this pretty dress HERE – as well as the rest of the worth-looking-into collection for Spring/Summer 2019!

And now I would love to know – how do you like this dress? And are you into print dresses at all? Do you think this shape of dress suits a baby bump? I would love to know!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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