My Green Pregnancy #10: What to Wear with L’Amour est Bleu *Blouses*

Here we go for another maternity outfit without maternity clothes! Today is all about blouses; more specifically a cupro blouse from L’amour est Bleu.

Blouses are perfect for pregnancy and even in my bump-state I can still wear most oft the blouses in my wardrobe. Okay, this is because I love the oversized style anyway and I do now profit from the fact that most of my blouses run rather large.

For today’s post I chose a blouse from the Berlin based label L’Amour est Bleu which is made from cupro!

Have you heard of cupro before? You can learn more about this innovative and sustainable fabric below…

Before digging into the cupro fabric, I want to talk a little more about blouses and bumps. There are several ways on how to wear blouses over the baby belly.

Here I went for a classic: blouse inside the pencil skirt. This is one of my favorite combinations and my preferred way wearing blouses during pregnancy. However, this only applies for non-button blouses! I am personally not a fan of wearing button ups tucked into the skirt.

It can, however, look super cute to wear a regular fitted blouse on top of a skirt or an oversized, extra long blouse on top of some skinny pants.

In case you have more fitted button ups, you can always wear them open over a shirt or top and add a nice twist to any basic outfit. This is actually what I did a lot in my first pregnancy; my uniform was skinny jeans, stretch top and a blouse worn as a jacket on top 🙂

By the way, any button-blouses are PERFECT for the time after pregnancy; when you start breastfeeding. There is no easier way to breastfeed than to open the first three buttons of a blouse 😉

This alone should be reason enough to invest in a few nice blouses, to wear during pregnancy and after.

The blouse I chose here, however, is one without buttons – but I love it anyway! It is all ethically made and from a wonderful small fair fashion label that is based in Berlin. In case you do not know L’amour est Bleu yet, I think it’s about time to check them out 🙂

I love this blouse between others because of the super soft and silky fabric it is made off: cupro!

Cupro is the by-product of the industrial harvest of cotton, specifically the waste fibres that are too small to spin. It is an ultra-fine, silky fibre that sticks to cotton seeds during the textile production process and is usually thrown away. To make cupro from this “leftover”, it is stripped from the plant and dissolved into a thick liquid solution (known as a viscous solution) and then spun into fibre, which is then woven into the cupro fabric.

It is 100% biodegradable as well as easily recycled, it is completely vegan since it’s made from plant-based materials. It is hypoallergenic, breathable, anti-static, and stretch-resistant, feels like silk and yet is machine-washable.

It’s a little magic to be true 😀

With my wonderful fair fashion cupro blouse I am wearing a pencil skirt from BOOB, vegan sneakers from Nine to Five and a second hand jacket. Yes, all ethical and fair 😀

How do you like this maternity look? And have you heard of cupro before? I would love to know!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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