My Green Pregnancy #1 : BOOB Design Maternity Look (and what is going to happen on the Blog in 2019)

This is my first official pregnancy post! Yay!

In today’s post I want to outline what I think a “green” pregnancy is, what is going to happen on the blog in the coming 12 months, and I will start my Green Pregnancy series with a very special fair fashion label…

I am super excited for this blogging year and I have like soooo many plans. Actually, I pretty much planned the entire YEAR already. I know that may sound a little crazy but since 2019 is pretty  much planned already (and there are some major changes which will go on) it is easy to plan the blog topics around the specific things that will happen throughout this year. I thought it could be intersting for you to get an idea of what I planned – some of the posts may be boring for those of you who aren’t into anything pregnancy related so I am warning you already now: it will be pretty pregnancy-dense here in the coming six months. HOWEVER, many of the topics I will cover are not only intersting for pregnant women, but actually for everyone! So don’t just jump off the train when you see that a post is part of the Green Pregnancy series, but take a minute to read to maybe get something out of it for your life as well 🙂

So I called this post my #1 Green Pregnancy Post. What is a “green pregnancy” for me? Let’s start off with that question.

Those of you who know me, know that I try my best to live a more or less sustainable lifestyle. This is, a lifestyle that is somehow in accordance with nature and the ressources we have here on our planet. I eat only organic food, no animal products, I wear only organic clothes made under fair conditions (or second hand), I do not use a car (and don’t even have a liscence), I do not fly much but rather try to take the train everywhere, I try to make as little waste as possible, I only use natural cosmetics, etc. etc. you get the idea.

Of course all of this does also apply to my pregnancy #2 (my first child is 3 1/2 years old). Well, actually, when pregnant, I find it even MORE important to live a green lifestyle. Why? Because not only is this lifestyle the healthiest for the environment but also for your body and baby! You can avoid loads and loads of toxic chemicals, pesticides, microplastic, etc. when eating organic food, when eating a planet based diet, when avoiding cheap polyester clothes made with toxic dyes, when avoiding conventional cosmetics with all it’s parabenes and preservatives and so on.

So to me a green pregnancy is pretty much just continuing what I’ve been doing so far. Yet, with a focus on my pregnancy. When mixing up my own cosmetics and essential oil blends, I check first which oils are good for my pregnant body and which ones could be harmful. When I mix together my smoothie bowls, I check that I get all those nutrients that my baby and I need right now. When I get new clothes, I make sure I will be able to wear them not only during my pregnancy… wait what? Yes! Read on…

One of the topics I will cover on the blog this year is how to dress in a sustainable/green way when pregnant. Suuuuure, I know, there are fair fashion maternity labels out there. But let’s be honest for a second: is it sustainable to buy an entire new wardrobe full of maternity clothes to wear for six months and never ever after? Even if those clothes are produced under fair conditions, it is not!

What is sustainable is to actually wear clothes for a long time. For years. Yes.

So here is what I challenged myself to: in this pregnancy I want to wear only clothes that I will be able to wear after pregnancy as well!

I have NO idea if I will be able to manage to, but I know that I will try my best. Simply because I believe this is the only truly sustainable way. Yes, buying second hand is an option as well, but I will be honest with you again: during my first pregnancy I bought loads of maternity clothes second hand. Most of them were from the H&M maternity collection (because this is what you find most of when searching for second hand maternity wear). And you know what? I’ve been throwing out 50% of those second hand pieces after my pregnancy, I could not even give them anymore to someone else, because the quality of those fast fashion pieces simply isn’t made to last. I gave away a few jeans and I sold two maternity dresses, but I also had to throw out a skirt, several shirts, one jeans, one top, one dress … all of which were falling apart after being used by two mothers-to-be in a row. This is what fast fashion is like, unfortunatly.

So long story short: currently I do believe that wearing high quality fair fashion pieces that will last all throughout pregnancy and ever after, is the best way to go. And this is why I will try to do so.

So what is the plan for the blog?

On the blog, this year, I will continue sharing fair fashion labels and outfits with you. Every piece that I am wearing in the first six months of the year (with a pregnant belly) will be worn AGAIN in the second half of the year WITHOUT belly! This is my plan at least. I want to show and proove (hopefully) that this is possible!

I will also continue sharing my favorite DIYs, especially with essential oils. They will be, however, pregnancy related – and yet could be intersting for everyone!

I will continue sharing my favorite natural cosmetics and talk about how my skin is changing when pregnant and why I am using different products from the usual.

I will continue writing about food, sharing recipes, and sharing some information about how I eat during this second plant based pregnancy, which supplements I take, why, and so on.

I may also share some thoughts on what this pregnancy has been like – after having had two miscarriages in the past two years.

Finally, throughout the year there will be more on sustainable travelling and green hotel – something I am very much looking forward to 🙂

Actually, on a sidenote, I was so happy about your feedback on my blog post about the Black Forest and the sustainable hotel we stayed it, and I LOVED readind that so many of you got inspired to travel more sustainable, and to search for eco hotels! Thank you again for all that wonderful feedback!

But back to 2019: the second half of the year will be a little different… especially from September 2019 onwards. I am planning some major life changes and I will take you with me, of course. More will be annouced towards Summer 2019. I do things one step at a time 😉

Now finally, before coming to an end. I want to share a very first fair and ethical label with you that helps me through this pregnancy – and afterwards!

BOOB design is the only label I know that is creating collections of beautiful clothes for pregnant women that are made to be worn afterwards as well! All pieces are not only perfectly comfy during those nine months, but they are all perfect for breastfeeding, and can be worn with or without belly.

I LOVE this idea since it totally aligns with what I wrote above what I believe a sustainable pregnancy is; one in which you wear the same clothes as after pregnancy, and as before.

So I got a few samples from BOOB and I started wearing them while I did not even have much of a belly yet. So I know already that they look great without belly. And by now I also know that they look great with belly! I will be posting more about and with BOOB in the future and will leave it with this short introduction for today. This post is already pretty long anyway 😀

And yes, this cozy outfit here is all BOOB design!

I am actually so excited for everything that is to come in 2019 and I hope that you will enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy creating it.

Also, I would absolutely LOVE to know what you are intersted in reading on my blog this year! Are there any pregnancy related posts that you would like me to write about? Anything about food and nutrition? Anything specific about cosmetics? Please let me know and I will see what I can do 🙂

For now THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support last year, for all of your congratulations and good wishes on my pregnancy annoucements, for being here and making all of this possible! THANK YOU!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Januar 9, 2019 / 5:41 pm

    Congratulations!!! I;m so happy for you! Because of taking care of my baby boy I don’t have much time to spend on my favourites blogs. but I think in next couple of weeks I will manage to visit more – my baby is growing and gives me more time now:) Epecially cos I have a full year of maternity leave to spend with him. I’m looking forward for your pregancy series, cos 14 weeks before now I still got my belly and it is still a topic close to my heart:) Maybe you will write something about breastfeeding as well? My son has a common allergy for cows milk, so I had to completely eliminate dairy from my diet. I’m making a lot of plant milk recently and testing some vegetariann recipes for spreads and pates:) You look so beautiful, have a lovely weeks and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Big hugs:)

    • Januar 23, 2019 / 4:55 pm

      Thank you SO much for your comment and your words! I may write something on breastfeeding as well when time has come 🙂 I’ve been actually breastfeeding my first one three years 😀
      I can’t wait to check out some of your plant based recipes! That’s really exciting news for me 😀
      Big hugs back to you!