My Five Favorite Spots in Leipzig

Leipzig! The city I moved to back in 2011 – for my MA in African Studies. But you know what? I chose the city and not the area of study. I deeply wanted to move to Leipzig so I just checked for what I could study here. I found a MA, moved here, and stayed!  Leipzig is my favorite city in Germany and this is why I am really happy to share my five favorite Leipzig spots with you today!

This post is part of a Leipzig blogger challenge and I you will share a link to the other blogs that are participating below. Feel free to check them out too, to discover even more favorite spots around Leipzig.

Now to my five favorite spots. I have three cafés waiting for you, one park, and on natural side. I am café lover and I spend loads of time in one of the three places listed here. If I am not in a café and not working in my office, I can most probably be found somewhere in a park…

1. Café S1 – Sattelhof Str. 1 in Leutzsch

Do you follow my insta stories? If so you know that I am at café S1 at least once a week, often two to three times a week. It is my second office and my second living room. I go there to work, to chat, for meetings, with friends, with my family. The place is a second home. Whenever I am having a long day in the office and I just need someone smiling at me and asking “Hey Rosa, how are you doing today? What are you up to?” then I know that Matthew or Biene will be there and doing it. When I am not at the café for a week or so I start to get homesick for it. Yes, this may sound crazy but this is what it feels like. As I wrote, it’s second home to some extent.

Go and have a Canadian coffee (with maple syrup), stare at the golden ceiling or sit outside in the sunshine, enjoy the true Leutzsch-atmosphere (with all its dark and its beautiful sides 😉 ), have a small talk with Matthew, and just enioy this cozy little place (they have awesome vegan cakes and even a raw vegan brownie that is delicious!!!!).

2. Café Fräulein Frank – Georg Schwarz Str. 44 in Lindenau

The one big competion to the S1 in my area 😀 No, I am kidding. It is not really, because here I do not go for work or for small talk with the owners, but here I go to have a good time with my little girl (they have the BEST toys in town! Go there if you have a small child. I promise you wont be dissapointed!), to enjoy a really good jar of homemade watermleon lemonade, to chat with friends or to have a vegan breakfast (the only place in my area where I can get that!). The place is beautiful, the breakfast menu is vegan friendly, they have coffee roasted in Leipzig (Brühbar!), the best matcha latte in town, and sometimes even homemade switchel! Yes, I knooooow! This is why I love them 😀

The owners are super friendly and very into making their guests feel comfortable. When I cae there the first time I asked if it was possible to add matcha latte to the menu and they got it just a week later! And not just any kind of matcha latte but my favorite one! This is what I would call customer-friendly and this is absolutely what makes me wanna support this beautiful little place as much as I can.


3. The Luppe River in Lindenau

Even though this is one of my favorite spots, it turned out I do not have a picture of it! I will try to add on as soon as I can! The Luppe river in the area around Lindenau is the perfect place for a summer evening walk, for a picnic underneath the beautiful willow, eating homemade sushi and looking at the rivers, and even for a small hike up the debris hill which is just a few meters from there (you get a nice view of the city from the debris hill). You can also take your bicycle on a ride alongside the Luppe – which is a beautiful little adventure and a huge recommendation of mine!


4. Richard Wagner Hain in Musikviertel/Plagwitz

Leipzig is one of the greenest cities I know. There are so many beautiful parks, I do not even know them all. One of my favorite spots however is the Richard Wagner Hain. First things first; this is, partly, because of the Zierlich Manierlich which sells the best lavender lemonade in town, plus vegan cookies, plus coffee … you get the idea. But there are also those two beautiful old trees that my girls loves to play with, the view on the Elster river, the fact that the place is easy accesible (you can take a tram to Sportforum), and the fact that you can use the toilet in the sports department of the university, in case you stay too long and have too much lemonade.

Favorite spot for weekend picnics and get togethers!

5. Café Kater – Rudolph-Sack Str. 2 in Plagwitz

Another Café. I know! But this is where I spend most of my time and I want to be honest in this post here. I haven’t been to a museum in years! I don’t go to the lake thaaaat often, nor to the opera house. I can be found in a café, at the Luppe or in my own garden. So yes, three of my five favorite spots in Leipzig are coffee shops!

Café Kater is part of my favorites, because it was one of the first “cool” cafés that openend back in the days in my neighboorhood. When I moved to Leipzig I lived in Plagwitz which is pretty hip by now but which wasn’t back them. I had to take my bike all the way to Südvorstadt to get a nice vegan breakfast. With Café Kater this changed! And still today, where the café is not in my neighboorhood any longer, I just to visit every now and then, spend an hour or two to get some work done and to enjoy a delicious decaf Brühbar-Kaffee.


These are my five favorite spots in Leipzig. Now if you are intersted in getting to know more favorite spots, make sure to check out all the other blog posts that are going online on June 25 2018. All bloggers that are participating are linked on:

Feel free to hop over and get even more inspiration 🙂

What is YOUR favorite spot in Leipzig by the way???


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  1. Juni 24, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    Liebe Rosa,
    vielen lieben Dank fürs Mitmachen und Deine schönen Tipps!!! Damit stehen zwei wunderschöne Cafés (das S1 und Fräulein Frank) auf meiner Ausprobier-Liste!!

    Liebe Grüße von Anja 🙂