My First Aid Travel Kit with Essential Oils!

Only three weeks left and my family and I will be going on a one year trip around Europe! We are more than excited and almost ready to leave. Last week I managed to check one very important To Do from our list: pack our first aid travel kit with essential oils!

Those of you, who know me, know that I am quite a hippie and a nature lover, and that I hardly ever use conventional medicine (can’t even remember the last time I took a painkiller…). Instead I am treating myself and my entire family with essential oils! I LOVE them! Because they actually work as good as anything else; with the wonderful side effect that they don’t have any side effects 😀

Organic essential oils are a precios thing to have and they come with SO many advantages compared to conventioal medicine. They are all natural, they smell amazing (most of them do), they are very efficient, they can be used for SO many different kinds of injuries, diseases, or discomforts, and they are small and easy to carry around with you!

For our trip with a camper van all around Europe I packed us a small first aid travel kit with seven essential oils! Four of them are MUST HAVES and three of them are NICE TO HAVES. I will start with the must haves and then talk about the nice to haves.

I’ve put together these seven oils in a way which allows me to blend them and get even more effective remedies when using them together. You will see below in which ways they work most effectively together.

As a disclaimer I want to say that I am not an expert, I am using these oils because they work great for me but I do not make any promises about how they work for you. Also, always check beforehand if you are allergic against any of these essential oils and do not apply essential oils to your children pure (except if stated differently).

1. Lavender

Lavender is my mosts used essential oil! This is why I bring TWO bottles of this oil with me on the camper van trip. Whereas I only bring one bottles of each of the others.  Actually, I always have a bottle of lavender essental oil in my backpack or handbag. And it helped me in so many situations already … especially now in Summer, with insects all around (it’s the best remedy against insect bites!). But not only when it comes to insect bites, lavender really is lifesaver. Lavender essential oils can be used (between others) for:

Insect bites (apply directly to skin)

Digestion issues (blend with almond oil and massage on belly)

Cough (blend with almond oil and apply to breast)

Burns (apply directly to skin)

Scratches (apply directly to skin)

Sunburn (blend with avocado oil)

Headache (blend with peppermint oil and apply to temples)

Toothache (apply directly)

Muscle pains (blend with almond oil and peppermint oil (1 drop each on 1 tbs almond oil)

Earache (One drop on a cotton pad)

Bruises (2 drops with 2 drops of peppermint and 1 drop of immortelle in 1 tbs almond oil)

2. Tea Tree

My second most used essential oil is tea tree! I remember how my mother was treating me with tea tree oil whenever I was sick as a child. I hated the taste (she made me gurgle with it a lot!) but I was hardly ever sick as a child and when I was, it was only for a day or so. Maybe because of tea tree oil, who knows 🙂 

What to use tea tree oil for? Read yourself:

Cuts (apply directly)

Insect bites (apply directly)

Abrasions (apply directly)

Colds (blend with lemon essential oil and one ts salt, add to warm water. Gurgle several times a day with this blend)

All kinds of fungal infections (blend 1 ts almond oil with 2 drops tea tree, 2 drops lavender, and 1 drop palmarosa and apply e.g. to feet (foot fungus) or vagina…)

Herpes (apply directly)

3. Peppermint

Another one that is SO important to have with you, when travelling! Especially when road tripping, as we will be doing …  Why? Because it helps with:

Dizziness/Weakness (Scent)

Nausea/Diarrhea (Scent)

Bloatings (2 drops peppermint, 2 drop lavender in 1 ts almond oil. Massage on belly)

Headache (blend with laevnder oil and apply to temples)

Muscles pains (blend 2 drops peppermint essential oil with 1 tbs almond oil)

Herpes (apply directly)

Colds/Bronchitis (2 drops peppermint, 1 drop tea tree with 1 ts almond oil, massage on breast)

Bruises (2 drops with 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop of immortelle in 1 tbs almond oil)

DO NOT USE PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL FOR SMALL CHILDREN! It Is pretty strong and should only be used on older children and adults! Except for the scent of course – the scent can be very helpful for small children when they feel sick (e.g. in the car).

4. Lemon

This is the last one of my four MUST HAVE essential oils for your first aid kit. I helps between others with:

Streps (lemon essential oil is highly antibacterial and antiviral! 2 drops lemon with 1 ts salt, add warm warm water and gurgle several times a day. Blend with lavender and/or tea tree oil for best effect)

Fever (it is antipyretic when used as scent in the room)

These have been my four MUST HAVE essential oils. With these four I can easily fight almost any issue that we as a family could probably face during our trip: from colds and fever over burns and cuts, all the way to nausea and digestion issues.

However, I packed three more essential oils into our first aid kit because I want to make sure to be prepared for truly anything! So in case you want to know what the best oils for haematomas, stress, and insects are – read on!

5. Immortelle

This is THE essential oils to treat haemtomas, blue spots, and bruises!

Blend 10 drops of immortelle with 10 drops of lavender and add 20ml of almond oil and apply the blend to the injury!

6. Palmarosa

This one is especially wonderful for children and may be applied directly on childrens skin (from age 3). I packed it into my first aid kit because I am travelling with two kids and want to make sure I have an allround-essential oil that I can use for them!

It is a soft but effective oil to use when your kid (or you) is having insect bites and/or scratches. It is wonderful to treat colds, viral infections, or pains (like tummy pain that children often have). This oil is also the best to use for kids when they face fears or feel nervous or tense (as a scent in the room).

7. Swiss pine

And finally there is the swiss pine which I always love to bring with me when travelling. We all know that travelling can be exhausting and that especially when we are travelling with kids, it can be pretty challenging at times. Swiss pine is calming us down when we need it!

But I mainly bring it because it is so effective in keeping away insects 😀

This is a very short overview of these seven essential oils and yet I hope it is helpful for you! They all have many more superpowers than the ones that I’ve been talking about here … but I think I managed to put together the most important ones 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions regarding these oils. And feel free to share your favorite natural remedies that you always bring in your first aid kit! I would love to know about them! 

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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4 Kommentare

  1. Boo
    September 1, 2019 / 5:44 pm

    Hi Rosa,

    great blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on essential oils. I’ve been struggling finding a good brand. I will try out your recommendation.
    I have two question though. How do you store the essential oils? I guess not in the bathroom in a cupboard, right? Can one ingest essential oils? Like in salad dressings?


    • September 2, 2019 / 10:42 am

      Hey, thank you so much for your comment. I store them in the bathroom in cupboard yes. It’s best to store them in a dark place, but not obligatory since the bottles are usually dark as well.Yes, one can ingest essential oils, however not all of them are good to add to salad dressings or different. Some are much stronger than others and some should not be swallowed at all. Lavender is an essential oil that I use a lot in my own kitchen 🙂
      Primavera really is a very good brand. Whatever brand you choose make sure the oils are organic and 100% natural 🙂