My Favorite Vegan Chocolates for Christmas 2017

Christmas is chocolate time, isnt’t it? So here we go with my favorite vegan chocolates for Christmas 2017! I tried a bunch of vegan, refined sugar free, and somehow special chocolates and found the most “healthy” and wholesome ones for you. This post is probably one of the most delicious I have ever prepared and I definetly enjoyed trying all these chocolates and finding my favorites. I may have gained a kilo or so in the process, but I found it totally worth it 😀

I will present SEVEN different brands which all have their special twist; raw chocolates, 100% cacao chocolates, wild cocoa beans chocolate, chocolate without any cacao… so be ready for a great variety!

Let’s begin with Ridiculously Good!

“Good food does not have to be bad for you, just like healthy food does not have to be less delicious.”

This is what Shemara and Teun state on their website and that is what Ridiculously Good is all about. They make raw chocolate candies in four different flavors, all covered with Criollo chocolate. Since they use raw cocoa beans which contain loads of antioxidants, various minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc and chromium but also omega-6 fatty acids and various vitamins.

What I especially enjoy with this brand (and others too…) is that they are very much into sustainablity. Shemara and Teun use decomposable packaging and the paper-cardboard packaging is printed in the Netherlands and is made of paper from FSC-approved plantations.

This chocolate is for eveyone who is not that much into the pure chocolate taste but likes chocolates with a sweet and healthy filling. “Brilliant Brownie” is my absolute favorite!

Next we have Original Beans

Their slogan is: “Taste the Earth’s Rarest Places – and preserve them”

Original Beans are probably among the highest quality chocolates you can find out there. Their “bean team” travels into the rarest places on earth to find the most original bean flavours. Actually, like other tree fruits, cacao is infused with flavours from the environment in which it grows, so the taste of a chocolate depends a lot on where the tree has grown. You can most definetly taste the difference when eating a piece of Original Beans chocolate.

Another great thing about the brand ist that they actually plant a tree for every chocolate bar sold! Up to today, Original Beans has planted and preserved over 1,000,000 trees. The tree planting efforts are carefully coordinated with local conservation programs that help empower farmers and their families, and protect endangered wildlife.

Also, all packaging is biodegradable! And soooo beautiful!

This chocolate is for connoisseurs and those you love the “real” taste of pure chocolate. The “70% Cru Udzungwa” is my favorite!


“Chocolate is good, truly good for our health!”

This is what a Native American once said to the founder of Vivoo during a spiritual encounter. A few years later, Vivoo was born and began to manufacture chocolate free of all adulteration, chemicals, and harmful processes. Their mission is to create great-tasting chocolate with the full purity and potency that inspired the Aztecs to nickname chocolate a “food of the gods.”

In their chocolate creations, Balinese Criollo cacao beans are mixed with the purest superfoods – or can be enjoyed pure.

This chocolate is for all superfood lovers out there, who want a little nutrious extra when enjoying their chocolate. My favorite is the orange and baobab bar!


“Free from 10 allergenes”

When her son faced more and more allergies, Danica Stosic was searching for an alternative for all the chocolates out there. Since her son was also allergic to caffeine, she was pretty desperate and finally created her own chocolate; without cocoa!

Since cocoa contains caffeine some people prefer not to eat it, others are allergic to it. I think BiJoLada is actually the first chocolate out there that comes without cocoa – and still tastes great!

Unfortunatly, it is pretty difficult to find any information in English on the web and all I know is from the founder herself. Their website is not available in English and I cannot even tell you where you can buy those healthy yummy treats. But in case you are interested in these chocolates make sure to keep on checking their facebook-page which is updated regularly (link above).

This chocolate is for everyone who is sceptical about cocoa beans and is looking for a caffeine free alternative. My favorite one is the one with almonds.


“The supplement in the shape of a snack”

This bar is probably the most perfectly thought out you have ever tasted. It is all about the perfect balance of magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin c, omega 3 fatty acids, and amino acids. Working with food technologists, the young founder created the chocolate bar that you can enjoy absolutely guilt free. Hempseeds, almonds, lucuma, acerola cherry, and cocoa are the main ingredients of each bar. They are then carefully combined with four different extras, such as hazelnuts, espresso, or coconut.

The bars are raw and the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

This chocolate is for all perfectionists out there who are looking for a sweet snack that will cover all their nutrient requirements. My favorite is the barberries bar.

Casa Kakau

“The two ingredients chocolate”

I will be honest and straight forward: this one is my personal winner! Why? Because it does only contain two ingredients and it seems like I am a minimalist when it comes to chocolate 😀

So most chocolates are made of cocoa butter and cocoa powder plus a sweetener. This basically means, the cocoa beans are first seperated into oil/butter and powder and then blended up again. Casa Kakau however is leaving the cooca bean as it is and makes a chocolate from the entire bean. And you can taste the difference! The chocolates contain cocoa beans and unrefined cane sugar, plus a topping of choice if you like so.

The two founders (a couple) are the sweetest and I really love how passionate they are about their product.

This chocolates is for all minimalist out there who like pure products that are as wholesome as possible. My favorite bar is the pineapple and pepper one.

And finally we have lovechock

“Eat the world happier”

lovechock is all about love – love for yourself (treat your body well and eat healthy raw chocolate instead of junk), love for the planet (biodegradable packaging and only organic ingredients), and love for each other (direct and fair trade with suppliers).

They have a variety of great bars to choose from; raw chocolate combined with superfoods, pure, in snack size or in a regular bar size. For those who do not enjoy dark chocolate, the “mylk” bars are the best choice as they taste less “bitter”. The “creamy” snack size bars with hazelnut butter, however, are also a great choice when you like it a little sweeter. The bar with sweet cocoa nibs and sea salt is something everyone has to try at least once in their life, I belive 🙂

This chocolate is for everyone who wants to enjoy nutritious raw chocolate but does not want to miss out on variety and choice. My favorite is the “mylk” bar with almonds and mulberry.

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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2 Kommentare

  1. Dezember 7, 2017 / 12:59 am

    So many delicious sounding chocolate bars, it would be hard to decide which to try first! I like to snack on raw cacao nibs. I didn’t like them at first, but then the flavor grew on me quite e bit!

  2. Dezember 7, 2017 / 3:51 pm

    “Good food does not have to be bad for you, just like healthy food does not have to be less delicious.”
    Das finde ich wirklich ein sehr, sehr schönes Motto!
    Und auch wenn ich sonst nicht mehr allzu viel nasche, gerade in der Adventszeit habe ich dann auch mal große Lust auf Schokolade und Co.