My Fair Fashion Summer #4: With KokoWorld

Here we go with another fair fashion SUMMER post! This time around I am sharing another look with a label that you probably know from my blog already: a KokoWorld dress! A fair trade certified label from Poland that I have been wearing and loving for years now.

For summer 2020 I’ve got something fun for you: this summer I am sharing loads of happy and colorful fair fashion labels and outfits, which show you that “eco-fashion” does neither have to look super “eco” nor minimal black and white! Because let’s be honest: many labels are simply either one or the other. But this summer I will show you that there is so much in between! I started off with the German fair fashion label Frija Omina and shared another outfit from KokoWorld as well as one with Brava Fabrics … 

Let’s talk about colors

I don’t know about you but I got into an age where I got certain habits regarding my clothes; I know that I like pastel colors, that I don’t wear black clothes in Summer and hardly ever white clothes in Winter. I know that I like light rose and baby blue and that I have a hard time with everything orange and red. Red? Yes red, the color I am wearing here – and that actually looks really good on me (at least that’s what I think).

Yes, I didn’t wear red clothes in years because I somehow thought I don’t like red, that red does not suit me, and that red is … I don’t know, just not my color.

But this Summer I decided to try some new colors, to just go for something more colorful, more bright than what I usually wear. I mean, life is too short for only grey clothes isn’t it!!?

Sometimes we have to try something new!

I love beautiful clothes and yet I am pretty boring at times, always going for the same styles and colors. My little challenge to share colorful and fun styles with you this Summer, made me try a few new things. Between others this red dress! 

When I first saw this dress in the current KokoWorld Summer collection, I was not quite sure if that would become a favorite of mine but I decided to give it a try; and it turned out to become a favorite!

Sometimes when it comes to fashion, it is worth giving things a try. And it is worth just putting on some clothes and see what they look like on YOU … and then eventually to find out that they look a-m-a-z-i-n-g; even when they are not what you usually wear!

The perfect blend of casual and elegant

This dress is made out of a super light and soft viscose micromodal, which perfectly wraps around the body and feels almost impalpable when worn. Depending on how you style it, it can be worn for a casual stroll through a small french village (as I did here) or even for an elegant event or dinner night.

Also, with a red dress you do not need much more to look “dressed” – the color and cut itself are enough to make an outfit. Pieces like this are perfect for lazy people like me; looking well dressed with no effort was never easier.

For colder days, a cardigan can be worn on top, a necklace would work really well to style it up, and sneakers would work equally wel to style it down. And for Winter this dress would totally work with some tights underneath and a nice oversized woolen sweater on top!

By the way, the little belly under that dress does NOT say that I am pregnant, it just says that I enjoyed loads of Spanish (vegan) tortilla, a few cookies, and all the other delicous things we found around the different markets and supermarkets throughout an elven months trip around Europe 😀

No shame, no regret. Rather pure love for that body of mine!   

In case you want to know more about the dress, make sure to check out KokoWorld – in case you do not know the label yet, put it on your list. They are fair trade,sustainable, super sweet people, and on a wonderful mission! 

In case you wanna know where those vegan metallic sandals come from, check out Bahatika … and for the bag feel free to visit The Noces.

And now, make sure to let me know what you think of me wearing this red Kokoworld dress :)!?


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