My Fair Fashion Summer #3: With Brava Fabrics


Here we are again with a fun fair fashion outfit for your Summer 2020! Let it be joyful, let it be fun, and before all: let it be ethically made!

For today I decided to share an outfit from Brava Fabrics – a label that is worth putting on the list of have-to-know-fair-fashion labels. Why? Well, read on!

About Brava

I’m actually really excited to share a little bit about Brava Fabrics with you today; even though the label has been on the market since 2014, I only got to know about them this Summer. Better late then never; because Brava is a brand worth knowing if you like not only fair and sustainable fashion – but also fun and unique styles!

Brava Fabrics is from Barcelona in Spain but the label is as international as it can be; there are four different languages spoken in the 20-people team! 

Brava is very committed to fairness and transparency along the entire supply chain. Everything is produced either in Spain and Portugal and the Brava team knows their tailors personally and visits them several times a year.

Fair working conditions, adequate working hours, a safe working environment, a legally binding employment relationship and fair wages for the people who handcraft their clothing are essential for the label – to make a difference on a market dominated by fast fashion.

Sustainable materials

Brava is not only ethical and fair but to assume responsibility for our environment they are also very thoughtfull about using natural fibers, renewable resources and recycled materials.

Most of their clothing is made of organic cotton. Organic cotton is an ecological raw material, which is grown without the use of agrochemicals, auch as artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

The pants that I am wearing here are made of organic cotton as well! They are very robust, stable, and – like all Brava products – made to last a lifetime.

Other materials used by Brava are between others recycled wool, recycled polyester and sustainable viscose. 

What is the difference between conventional viscose and sustainable viscose?

Conventional viscose often comes from wood from threatened rainforests, usually shipped around the world resulting in high CO2 emissions. Additionally, the manufacturing process often requires a lot of energy and water and creates toxic gases that pollute our environment. Sustainable viscose is derived from certified renewable wood sources and produced with significantly lower fossil energy and water consumption than generic viscose.

The blouse that I am wearing here is made of 100% ECOVERO viscose. Since viscose has a silk-like effect, the blouse is very light and flattering.

Best prints ever!

But beyond all the wonderful ethics, I love brava for their fun designs! Do not ever say that fair fashion is boring – because Brava is among those brands who proove that it is not!  

I mean, how fun is this tiger-blouse? I love it and it is among my most worn pieces this summer! But tigers are only one out of many fun motives that you can find in the current Brava collection: fishes, turtles, and avocados are just a few other – make sure to check out their online shop to see the whole fun!

By the way, talking about their online shop: Brava does not only make amazing clothing for HER but also for HIM! The super fun swim wear for men are among my absolute favorites in the current collection!

Also please note that Brava is producing small collections to prevent waste; this said, popular products are sold out fast; in case you love this tiger blouse as much as I do, shop quick; there are only few sizes available by now. I am wearing a size M here.

With my Brava-outfit here I am also wearing my handmade in Germany shades from Sankt Eilen Glasses, my vegan sandals from Bahatika, and my ethically made watch from Nordgreen  – by the way, at Nordgreen you can now find even more sustainable watches; those watches that are send back by customers are getting refurbished and are now available in their onlineshop – they are like new, but cheaper.

And now I would love to know how you like this outfit and what is your take on fair fashion in general!? Make sure to leave me a comment here and/or on instagram!


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