My Fair Fashion Summer #2: With KokoWorld

Summer is here! And for summer 2020 I’ve got something fun for you: this summer I will share some happy and colorful fair fashion labels and outfits, which show you that “eco-fashion” does neither have to look super “eco” nor minimal black and white!

Because let’s be honest: many labels are simply either one or the other. But this summer I will show you that there is so much in between! Last week I started off with the German fair fashion label Frija Omina and this week I’ve got a wonderful outfit from KokoWorld ready for you!

Okay, how lovely is this skirt? Don’t you just have to fall in love with it? Here is what I like about it:

  1. The color! Bright and joyful just like a hot summer day!
  2.  The shape: super flattering! Can be worn under, on or above the belly and easily hides a way too big lunch (which I had five minutes before taking these pictures).
  3. The fabric: soft, light, airy – made from viscose
  4. The pockets! Everything looks better with pockets! Also, I love being able to have my phone and some coins in the pocket when going for a walk to explore a town here in Portugal – because I rarely ever bring a hand bag.
  5. The fact that it is produced under fair and ethical conditions by KOKOworld – a label that is actually fair trade certified.  

The shirt that I am wearing with the skirt is from KOKOworld as well – the details are made from production leftovers – because at KOKOworld they care about the environment and try their best to produce their clothes in a zero waste way.

The shirt comes in a comfortable fit and goes with a skirt as well as with jeans or shorts. It can be dressed up and down easily and gives a special touch to every outfit.

By the way, the entire outfit is not only fair and sustainable but also completely vegan!

My sandals (aren’t they just perfect?) are from Bahatika and made of an Italian Microfiber Upper and an antibacterial, breathable natural cork footbed. They are handmade in Spain under fair working conditions.

I’ve been writing more about Bahatika back here.

I loved all your sweet words on my instagram picture with this outfit the other day! It really is so much easier to take some nice pictures here in Portugal, compared to back home in the city. When I saw this pretty house with the lovely pink wall and the dark green door, I knew that I had found the perfect photo spot.

I’m actually pretty sad about leaving Portugal soon… and I’m not 100% sure yet, if Germany really is the right country for me to live in. But to find out, I have to go back and see how it feels to be back there. When I like it, I will stay and when I do not like it, I will not.

We took these pictures here during a stroll through Tomar – a world heritage town in central Portugal. It’s a lovely place to visit for a day or two! Currently there are hardly any tourists in Portugal so even places like Tomar (or Fatima where we’ve been the other day) that are usually very crowded, are almost empty and we actually enjoy it a lot.

However, it is also sad to see how many people suffer because of missing tourism! Do you see and feel it similar in your country?

Now I would love to know how you like this Summer outfit and if you are ready for some more color for this season yet!? Leave me a comment here on the blog or on instagram!


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  1. Juli 3, 2020 / 11:47 pm

    this combo looks amazing, thanks for this post. i’ll try to copy it 😉