My Beach Essentials, Ethical Swimwear, and a few Tips on how to avoid Plastic while Travelling

Before jumping all into fall and early christmas posts, I have a little more to share from my beyond wonderful vacation on Boracay. One thing I want to share with you are my beach essentials and some more about the ethical swimwear I have been wearing during the vacation.

I find it so important to avoid loads of waste while travelling since travelling itself is already challenging enough for the environment. So during my trip to Boracay I tried my best to avoid bottled water in plastic bottles, sunscreen in plastic tubes, food in plastic containers and so on.

Before going all into detail about my swim suits and my beach essentials I want to share three simple tips on how to avoid plastic while travelling:

1. Bring a tote bag from home. It really does not take much space in your luggage and it is great for when you buy fruits or other things during your vacation. In most countries (especially in Asia and Africa) you will get a plastic bag in every shop. You can easily avoid up to 50 plastic bags during one vacation by just bringing your own tote bag from home!

2. Bring a glass or stainless steel bottle. Sure, when travelling in Asia, you do not want to drink tap water. Me neither. But instead of buying three plastic bottles of 1 L each every single day (which sums easily up to 30 plastic bottles in one vacation) you can search for 6-10 L containers. You will still use plastic, sure, but a lot less when buying a 10 L container of water instead of 10 bottles of 1 L. When you bring your own glass or stain less steel bottle from home, you can refill it whenever needed.

(my tip: bring a thermos! It keeps the water cold all day long!)

3. Bring enough sunscreen from home. Bring good, organic sunscreen with a plastic free packaging so that you so not have to buy chemical loaden sun blocker during your stay (because probably there will be no options). We brought three different varietes of sunscreen (a sun blocker, a sunscreen, and a homemade sun protection oil) and we had enough for the entire vacation so we did not have to buy any.

Having shared those three easy tips, let me tell you more about my beach essentials and my favorite ethical swimwear.

Talking about ethical swim wear; how pretty are those two swim suits I am wearing here? Fair fashion is everything but boring, seriously! I have been talking a little about my MYMARINI swimsuit back in this post and can still totally recommend this one for you. What I love about the MYMARINI piece is the fact that it is reversible and hence, you have like two swimsuits in one, plus that it feels amazing on the skin, is really high quality and fairly produced in Euope, of course.

Another ethical label that you need to know, is Frija Omina. Frija Omina is a small German label, making underwear, swim wear and pretty cool sweaters, all made in Germany and all GOTS certified. I can tell that they make everything by hand because they actually made the swim suit I am wearing here THE DAY I ordered it. We have been exchanging emails about collaborating and I was ready to decide for a swim suit when Nele from Frija Omina told me that the swim suit I chose was sold out. I could not agree on another color because I just really fell in love with the sailor blue one. So Nele just ended up making one for me! I wore the swim suits from Frija Omina like every other day during our vacation as a shirt. I just wore some shorts on top, as I do in the pictures here and I had the perfect outfit for the Tropics. Dont’ you think 🙂 ?

By the way, you can find Frija Omina at Avocadostore which is a great online shop for sustainable and fair trade shopping (remember that one for Christmas…  😉 )

And now to a few things I ALWAYS bring with me when going to the beach.

First of all: WATER
I always bring water in a thermos to make sure I have cold, fresh water and I do not have to buy plastic bottles while at the beach. One of my favorite thermos at the moment is the one from GARY MASH that I have been sharing on the blog a few times already (between others here).

I do also like to drink other things, when at the beach. So on Boracay I had loads of fresh coconut water (and I somehow did not manage to take even a single fancy picture of me drinking from a coconut…probably because the little one constantly wanted to have some too 😀 ) and I had some birch water. Have you ever tried birch water? It is pretty tasty, especially when blended with some raspberry juice like this one here from Voelkel.

The second most important beach essential is, obviously, sun screen. I have been talking about my absolute favorite sun screen from Butterbean Organics (found at in one of my latest post already which you can check out here. In a nutshell; I love it because not only does it comes without ANY chemicals and is 100% natural and organic but also does it come in a plastic free packaging.

The third thing I ALWAYS bring is fruits! I love to bring fruits to the beach because they simply make the perfect beach snack. During our stay on Boracay we tried ALL the local fruits and we had so much fun buying a bunch of unknown fruits, bringing them to the beach and munching on them in between swims in the ocean. Do you know the fruits on the pictures here? If so, please let me know their names in the comments 😀

Finally, of course, I bring a bag to carry all of these nice things. I brought two backpacks to Boracay, a bigger one which I basically only used as a carry on during the journey from Germany to the Phillipines and back again, and a smaller one which I used while on the island. I am pretty much in love with my awesome vegan backpack from FERDIandNOAH which is produced under fair conditions in Germany. You will for sure see more about this little beauty on the blog soon 🙂


Wow, what a long post for a Sunday night – I hope you enjoyed it.
I am actually blogging in bed tonight, next to our little one who has a fever. I am trying to sing for her and blog at the same time – which is quite of a task to be honest. She is sleeping pretty good so far so I guess I am doing an okay job 🙂

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone! I will take a little break from my Boracay travel posts and be back with some fair fashion fall outfits next week.


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  1. Nataly KireiKana
    November 14, 2016 / 1:42 am

    we have snow now… knee-high snow. I feel strange watching photos of sunny beach) i want go there!

  2. November 14, 2016 / 4:26 pm

    I share your environmental concerns and enjoy seeing you spread practical tips on implementing better choices. We can all contribute. Efforts here to replace plastic grocery bags are being frustrated by consumers too lazy to want to change their habits. So smart people like you need to show them how. Keep up the good work!

  3. November 14, 2016 / 9:17 pm

    Oh it’s so sad your baby girl had a fever, hope she’s fine already! But the pics are just amazing, love the blue swimsuit and oh Gosh, how I love your look from the last post! That dress is so pretty and the idea of a beach wedding is so wonderful, you have such cool friends:) We are also pretty shocked about the U.S election, I think Trump is an ignorant, I really dont think he actually knows anything about Europe, our history or basically anything. I’m not a fan of Clintons either, but at least they are real politicians… We will see how it goes, most of Americans voted for him, it was free election, so I guess everyone should somehow accept that. Anyway, I had such a tiring weekend, filled with lectures, I was teaching for so may hours, so I’m happy to relax now and I’m already waiting for the weekend, cos I’m not working then:) Have a lovely evening, hugs:)))

  4. Amy Arnold
    November 14, 2016 / 9:47 pm

    Packing a water bottle when traveling is so smart and more cost effective too. Love both of your suits. That is so neat that it is reversible.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. November 15, 2016 / 12:31 pm

    Sonnencreme bringe ich auch echt immer von daheim mit. Schon allein deswegen, weil ich auf manche echt seltsam reagiere.
    Aber das mit dem Wasser und den Flaschen ist echt ein Problem. In Amerika zum Beispiel beim herumreisen total easy. Da haben die ja alles in mega-Packungen… ^.^ Aber eben nicht überall.
    Auf Bali fand ich das damals richtig schlimm, aber auch und vor allem von den Einheimischen. Da landet echt alles im Meer…

    Haha, ich sagte ja nur, dass sind die Dinge die drin sind und da nicht wirklich reingehören. Was da noch alles drin ist, was wirklich rein gehört, hab ich ja gar nicht erwähnt. 😉
    Visitenkarten habe ich beispielsweise immer im Geldbeutel.
    Und ohne was zu Trinken verlasse ich auch nie das Haus. ^^

  6. November 16, 2016 / 8:01 pm

    These are all such great tips, as always, beauty! I have to remember to use a thermos when bringing water to the beach. We try our best to avoid plastic, so we drink out of glass water bottles, but I think a thermos would be a better option for keeping the water cold a lot longer! I also need to let you know how much I love your colorful swimsuits, which look absolutely amazing on you! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



  7. November 22, 2016 / 10:18 am

    Great travel trips! Hope your little one is much better already! <3