Men’s Fair Fashion Outfit with ThokkThokk and Knowledge Cotton Apparel

I am sooo excited to share my very first men’s fair fashion outfit with you! I have actually been thinking about this ever since I started blogging about fair fashion, but then I thought “someone else can do this”. However, it happend that no else started doing it so in the end I decided to support men’s fair fashion myself anyway. I find it great that fair fashion is slowly getting into mainstream, however, all I can see is women’s fashion and female blogger supporting it. But women are only half of the people out there and I think that showing men that ethical fashion can be as cool as anything else is equally important as showing women!

Why would a man want to wear a sweater that a child in the age of his own daughter could have made? Or why would he want to wear jeans that a woman made that could be his wife – except for that she is working 18 hours shifts every day and hardly earns enough money to get a hot meal a day? Why would men care less about the environment than women? I think they do not! And this is why I think it is really important to talk about fair options for men.

So here we go with my very first outft post… with my husband as a model! He is actually much more photogenic than me and it took us like five minutes to take these pictures. I took ten pictures and there were all perfect. I am a little jealous at him because I took stupid on 90% off all pictures we take and he just always looks great 😀

So here is what Johann is wearing:

the sweater is from ThokkThokk and yes, you have read about this label a lot on the blog. For basisc I really find it the best fair and organic place to shop. The sweater he is wearing here is super cozy and the small details make it pretty fashionable for a men’s sweater, as I find.

You can find the sweater here

He is also wearing a scarf that, stricly speaking, is mine. But he wears it more often than me so who cares anyway. The scarf is from the really cool project Fair Fibres. Fair Fibres is only working with fair trade suppliers who employ disabled and disadvantaged people. They make sure to teach them valuable skills which, as they state on their website “they need to survive in societies where social welfare is severely limited and where people with disabilities are often ostracised. Without these valuable skills and the support networks these organisations give them, their quality of life would remain seriously diminished.”

They have beautiful scarfs both for men and women and most of them are unisex anyway. Feel free to check out more on

Then Johann is also wearing some jeans from Knowledge Cotton Apparel. I think Knowledge Cotton Apparel is the label most people start off with when they begin to buy fair fashion. It is one of the best known ethical fashion labels, next to Armed Angels and they have a huge variety of basics and jeans for both men and women. Johann got these jeans a while ago already and they are his favorite.

It’s great that nowadays there are hundreds of options when it comes to organic and fair trade jeans, both for men and for women! And they are not even more expensive than any “brand” jeans like Levis or so. However, they are produced under fair conditions, are made in an environmently friendly way and from organic cotton. Did you know the conventional fashion industry is one of the three biggest poluters on this planet earth? Just saying…

And now I am super curios to know how you like this first men’s fair fashion post! Is that something you or your husband would wear? I would absolutely love to know!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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