Men’s Fair Fashion Outfit

Remember when I wrote in January that I am going to post a men’s fair fashion outfit every other month? Well I didn’t manage to but hey, this here is my third men’s fair fashion outfit in 2018 and since it’s only August, I am not doing too bad either 😀

Men’s fair fashion STILL seems to be absolutely underrepresented in social media, on blogs, and even in magazines. But we have a population of 50% men out there!

So even though the average men’s jeans in a conventional shop will easily cost 100€, many men out there still prefer to spend those 100€ on a fast fashion denim than on a fair fashion one. But why? From those 100€ spend on some fast fashion pants, 80% are put into hyper expensive marketing campaigns- for almost the same amount of money you could actually get an all organic fair fashion jeans that is made under sustainable and fair conditions and which simply doesn’t cost a fortune, because a lot less is spend on marketing! So why not using those 100€ for supporting something good instead of supporting brands that are exploiting both people and the environment?

The pants that are worn here can actually be found for less than 100€ – and they are 100% organic cotton and all fair trade! Read more about them below…

The pants worn here are from Monkee Genes, a fair fashion label that I have been talking about twice or so already. So far I was putting a spotlight on their women’s collection since women’s wear still is the focus of my blog, however, they do have quite a few really nice jeans and chinos for men too!

You can find the exact same pants that Johann is wearing in this post here.

What I like most about Monkee Genes products is that the fabric is pretty thick and absolutely strong and robust. I do believe that all pants we have from the label will last us many years – something I personally find very important when choosing what to buy.

What else I love about Monkee Genes?

“Organic is not an inspiration, it’s a choice of life. Nature is a pure balance, which we all need to protect. Profit above respect is man at his ignorant best.”

Philip Wildbore, Founder and Designer of Monkee Genes

No more words needed to explain why I like to support this label, right!?

However, I want to share another quote from their website. There is a pretty strong statement written there that I personally didn’t even know about – even though I thought I was rather well informed:

#DidYouKnow over 1 million people are hospitalised every year because of direct contact with harmful pesticides used in conventional cotton farming?

I mean HOW CAN WE SUPPORT THAT? We can’t! Well I can’t! Can you?

The shirt that Johann is wearing here is from ThokkThokk, another label that made it on the blog a few times already.

The shirt is on sale at the moment – just in case you are looking for one 😉

ThokkThokk is only using GOTS certified organic cotton for all their products and everything is produced under fair and sustainable conditions . The label was also part of my two previous men’s fair fashion posts which you can find here and here. I am supporting and loving ThokkThokk since over two years already and I am wearing a shirt from hem right now, while writing this, actually (it’s two years old but looks like new! That’s what I LOVE about high quality items!).

By the way, Johann’s shoes are fair trade and vegan too. But – shame on me – I totally forgot about where he bought them and the label’s name. In case you want to know, make sure to drop me a message and I will find out 😀

And talking about shoes – there isn’t really is ANY difference in prices when comparing the shoes that Johann used to buy a couple of years ago (from conventional labels, not fair, not organic, not anything) and those he is buying now. They are all always around 100€ – so really, why invest those 100€ in sweatshops from Nike?

Oh and yes, this handsome man is my husband – just in case you were wondering if it is worth to contact me in order to get his number 😀

Are you intersted in men’s fair fashion at all? I would love to know!!!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. August 4, 2018 / 3:23 pm

    Love this post! Yes I definitely agree that men’s fashion is way less represented than women’s.