Men’s Fair Fashion Outfit

Here we go with another men’s fair fashion outfit! Throughout this year, I want to post a men’s outfit every other month or so. Just as a little reminder every now and then that ethical fashion isn’t a women’s only business. Men make 50% of the people out there and even though women may shop more clothes than men, it is equally important to draw attention to the fact that conventional men’s wear is made under the same horrible conditions as women’s clothes are!

And since most men do shop less then women, it is even more important to help them choose wisely. Like the average men’s jeans in a conventional shop will easily cost 100€. 100€ from which 80% are put into hyper expensive marketing campaigns. For almost the same amount of money you can actually get an all organic fair fashion jeans that is made under sustainable and fair conditions and which simply doesn’t cost a fortune, because a lot less is spend on marketing. So why not using those 100€ for supporting something good instead of supporting brands that are exploiting both people and the environment?

Okay, that was my food for thought for this post. Now to the outfit 😀

So like last time, I am having my pretty husband as a model here. I think he will be my model for the rest of the year, but let’s see if maybe I will be able to convince someone else too, so that you have some diversity to look at, haha.

Anyway, he is actually mostly wearing rather old pieces in this post. The longsleeve from ThokkThokk is a new one that he got back in Janaury, the pants however are some three years old and from Hess Natur. I actually used to buy a lot for him at Hess Natur (yes… I know, so typical, I buy the clothes for my husband. Sorrynotsorry) but recently I felt like the quality is decreasing and I am looking more for smaller labels to support. I mean, Hess Natur is great with everything they do for the environment but it is just that they just got much more expensive in the past two years and put a lot more effort and budget in marketing at the same time. I do understand that marketing is important but I do not see why I should pay 50% more than I used to on clothes that are not getting better in quality, but, from what I feel, rather worse.

So long story short, I am currently looking for some more fair fashion labels for HIM and especially for some good jeans and I will let you know when I found some!

Next to the longsleeve (that is one of his favs and that he has been wearing a lot during those colder days we had around here in the last few weks) and the three year old pants, Johann is wearing a woolen zipper which is also from Hess Natur. He LOVES it and wears it all the time. So this one if from Hess Natur too and even though I am grumbling about them quite a bit, they do have some really really nice pieces! I have a few pieces that I have been wearing for ten years now and they still look like new. However, as I wrote above, I also have some that fall apart after only washing them once or twice.

My husband’s scarf was a gift from my brother. He bought the scarf at MUJI and I actually do not know about their ethical standards. On their website I cannot really find anything about it. Do you know more about MUJI? I would love to know!

I would love to know what you think about men’s fair fashion! Are there any brands that you can recommend? Anything I need to know or try? Please let me know in the comments!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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