Master Lin Natural Cosmetics Review

It’s been a while since my last cosmetics post so here we go with a new one! The past few weeks I have been testing a few different products from the Austrian natural cosmetics label Master Lin.

Master Lin was founded by a Austrian business women facing severe health issues. During a trip through Asia, she met a buddhist monk called Master Lin. Master Lin did not only help her solve her health issues but he also entrusted her a collection of ancient cosmetics recipes; all based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Back in Austria, the founder developped a series of high quality luxury cosmetics, all 100% natural and all based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is basically that you need to be in total balance to be healthy. The same applies for your skin. Master Lin cosmetics it said to help your skin find the perfect balance.

I habe been trying their serum, tonic, and eye cream, and I also had a few sample sizes of hand cream, shower gel, body oil (my fav by the way!), and face cream.

Basically all products are for all skin types and are based on the same ingredients: pearl and gold. Those two luxury ingredients (not vegan by the way since pearls are not vegan) are combined with ingredients such as bergamot (regulates the sebum production), goji berry, green tea, rose, lavender, ginseng and others.

Why gold and pearl? Gold is said to energize the skin whereas the pearl extract has a regenerative effect on the skin.

The tonic is a spray tonic, has a really nice fresh smell of essential oils and is the perfect refreshment for in between. I am not getting tired of repeating here on the blog: I love a good spray tonic and use them a looooot. Master Lin’s Whu-Zhu-Yu (that is the name of a plant by the way) and Bergamont serum goes straight in the top five of all tonic I have ever tried.

Now that I am saying this; would you be intersted in a post about my top five tonics?

My favorite product from those Master Lin products that I have tried so far, is the serum. It has been part of my Fall Favorites because I really LOVE it. I only need like almost nothing to have enough for my entire face and I immediatly after applying see and feel the glow it leaves on my skin.

I think this is the perfect serum for everyone sensitive to stress. Like I have trouble with my skin as soon as I get stressed a little and I feel like this serum helps me SO much keeping my skin balanced out.

Saying that the serum is my favorite doesn’t mean I don’t like the other products. I am very very happy with all of the products actually. My husband uses the hand cream (I rarely ever get to use it because he is hiding it a pocket of his jacket 😀 ), my little one and I both tried the body oil which left both of us ith the softest skin, all smelling like we just came out of the spa, and I use the eye cream every night.

The eye cream with goji berry, gingseng, and green tea is super rich but absorbes quickly. When I apply it at night I can feel my eye’s skin got a lot softer over night and I do believe my wrinkles got less since I started using it 😉

A few last words about the ingredients; Master Lin is using those high quality ingredients such as gold and pearl on the one side because those substances are great for a healthy skin and they are very effective in helping your skin to optimal health and beauty. On the other side however, Master Lin products are also aromatherapy products. They do all have a rather strong scent of a certain essential oil, such as bergamont, lavender, rose and so on. This is meant to be as your body is reacting to those scents and they have a certain effect on your emotions, your wellbeing, and so on.

I actually got very much into aromatherapy in the past couple of years and the fact that Master Lin is using the power of essential oils and scents in their products is something I personally enjoy a lot.

Have you ever heard of Master Lin before? Are you familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine? I would love to know!

And in case you are curious getting to know more about Master Lin, make sure to check out their website:

And in case you are intersted in ordering some of their products, feel free to visit


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  1. Oktober 9, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    This sounds like a very interesting product. Pearl and gold? I am certainly intrigued!