Love me Green – Organic Cosmetics – Review and GIVEAWAY

Guys, I am so happy and excited to present Love me Green to you…

Love me Green is an independent organic cosmetics brand which stands for certified, high-quality organic cosmetics.

The brand pays particular attention to the environmental impact. They and their products are certified by ECOCERT Green life therefore they correspond to the ECOCERT bio-cosmetics standard.
All products are vegetarian, some even vegan. Even if a few animal products such as beeswax, honey, or royal jelly are used, they are all monitored and ECOCERT Green life conditions are met: “There can be neither parts of the animal, nor shall their extraction stress the animals or result in pain or death of the animal. They must be produced naturally.” This is guaranteed by ECOCERT Green life.

In addition the company entirely avoids the usage of micro plastic and thus avoid additional pollution of the seas. 

Love me Green guarantees:

  • 100% Natural cosmetics with natural plant ingredients & organic plant extracts and organic oils
  • 100% Guarantee the development and production in France
  • 100% free of isopropyl palmitate
  • 100% free of parabens
  • 100% free of silicones, paraffins & petroleum
  • no animal testing – even in foreign countries
  • ECOCERT greenlife certified and controlled

Does this sound good to you? It sounds good to me! And you know I am a critical when it comes to where I get my cosmetics from! Now, since I was pretty exited by their policy and standards, I really wanted to get to know the company and the products better – so thats what happend 🙂

I am such a lucky gal since I was invited to try all of these awesome products:

Organic regenereating body lotion with macadamia and honey
Organic regenerating facemask
Organic revitalising hand cream
And this awesome massage oil (a special treat for my baby belly) which is unfortunatly not available right now on the English website.

I love every single of the products! 

I use the massage oil for my baby belly (and sometimes the rest of my body) and it really makes my skin so soft and smooth. It absorbs really nicely and it smells good and I love to use it after having spend some time in the bath tub. You can even use it for your face, actually, since the ingredients (sesame seed oil, apricot kernel oil, soybean and sunflower seed oil) are all great for both body and face. However, I havent tried it on my face yet (maybe I should…)

Whereas I like to use the oil when my skin is rather dry, like after having a bath, I love the organic regenereating body lotion with macadamia and honey on a more daily basis. Its really light on the skin and easily applied. It absorbs super fast and leaves a smooth feeling on your skin. Its also supposed to have an anti-aging effect but I cannot say anything about this yet 😉 

Now to the organic revitalising hand cream… I am a hand cream addict and I have some high expectations when it comes to hand cream. So far my all time favorite hand cream is one from the organic brand Weleda (Sea buckthorn hand cream). Why? Because it absords really fast, smells nice and make my hands feel all smooth and good. Now these are my criteria to a good hand cream. I am happy to say that the hand cream by Love me Green meets my criteria 🙂 I like the smell, its easy to apply, absorbs fast and leaves a great feeling! 

And, last but not least – the organic regenerating facemask. I love to have a good face mask once a week and even though I make them myself most of the time (as you know, since I share many of my recipes here in my blog) I enjoy the special treat of a good professional organic mask from time to time. The facemask from Love me Green felt really good on my skin. It was not irritated at all (even though I left it longer on than I was supposed to) and my skin felt smooth and soft afterwards. Its supposed to be anti-aging too but I cannot tell yet if this is true 🙂 

So to sum up – I really like this brand and this is why I share all of this with you 🙂

Love me Green GIVEAWAY

Now, I am really exited and happy to be able to make a wonderful gift to one of you, this cute set with an anti aging regenerating day & night face cream which is worth around 35€:

So we have here a regenerating anti-aging day and night cream with organic pomegranate seed oil. It supports cell renewal and helps the skin to retain moisture.The natural active ingredients support the regeneration process and improve skin elasticity. 

All you have to do for your chance to win this beautiful set (believe me, I would love to have it myself :D) is the following:

1. Make sure you follow my blog via Bloglovin and GFC
2. Make sure to leave a comment on this post AND write in the comment:

a. Your e-mail address or a link to the contact page of your blog
b. Which other product from Love me Green you would love to try – visit fnd out 🙂

After Wednesday February 25 this beautiful set will be send to you directly from Berlin! 

Good luck 🙂 


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  1. Februar 22, 2015 / 12:25 am

    es ist immer schön bei dir vorbeizuschauen 🙂
    hoffentlich läuft alles toll bei dir, der Frühling ist bald da :3

  2. Februar 23, 2015 / 2:43 pm

    Wow, amazing giveaway!

  3. Februar 23, 2015 / 7:48 pm

    Da mache ich nur zu gerne mit, vielen lieben Dank für das tolle Giveaway, liebe Larissa! Und danke, dass Du diese Marke im Detail vorstellst, denn ich kannte sie bisher nicht, obwohl ich gerne immer Bio-Kosmetik den Vorzug gebe. Hoffentlich hast Du Dein Wochenende genossen und es geht Euch gut 🙂
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  4. Februar 26, 2015 / 9:57 am

    Wonderful giveaway. it's nice to see ethical cosmetics and skin care. This sounds like a great brand.

    Foodie Faves