Indian Night

 As promised: Larissa in a Sari

 Sunday Night we went to celebrate the Indian Holi festival with a lot of great Indian food (see below), dances and great performances by the Indian Student Association. 
I had a really great time and I wish I could go and visit India right now ­čÖé

I loved to wear a Sari as it somehow makes every woman look so elegant! I was very impressed by the wonderful dresses the Indian women were wearing and I couldn’t stop looking at them and admiring them ­čÖé

And sorry for the pictures- I forgot to take some with only me on the picture, so I had to cut them a little.  

Some of you asked how it comes that I celebrated the Iranian New Year and now the Indian Holi festival. 
It is just because I am an internatioal Student here in Ohio, so I hang out a lot with the other international Students who come from all over the world. Many of my friends are part in International Student Associations and they are preparing and organizing all those events that I present here on my blog. 
So this is how it comes that I am wearing Laos traditional dresses, Saris, celebrating three New Years (“ours”, the Chinese and the Persian) and all those other international celebrations ­čÖé 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a good start in the week! 
It seems as if Spring is now finally arriving for real! Enjoy the sun and be happy ­čÖé


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  1. April 2, 2013 / 11:12 pm

    Lovely pics, they made me miss India sooo much!

  2. April 3, 2013 / 10:45 am

    U ALWAYS PARTING JAJAJAJA!!! seems u are sooo funny , lovely drees


  3. April 3, 2013 / 6:46 pm

    Nice blog i really like your work you have so many amazing potential ! MAYBE WE FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON GFC , BLOGLOVIN AND FB .. i'll be so glad to keep in touch with your work ..


  4. April 3, 2013 / 8:34 pm

    Hey Larissa, Its always pleasant seeing what you are up to! I love your sari and your smile tells me that you had a fantastic time! I love the photos and the food looks amazing… I am SO hungry now, I love Indian food.


  5. April 3, 2013 / 9:30 pm

    Larissa, it's really great to have some foreign friends! Amazing party!

  6. April 4, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    Wow, total cool! Auch wenn er manchmal bestimmt unpraktisch ist, oder?


  7. April 24, 2013 / 5:29 pm

    Well you look beautiful in a Sari! Since my dad is from India, we have plenty of Indian outfits and Saris at my house, however, I wouldn't be able to put one on without the help of my Aunties! I can't imagine the experience of being an international student, you are very brave, and must have been bombarded by cultures! All of your events look so fun!

    perfectly priya