Impressions from Cork – Ireland

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent the entire last week in Ireland. We have been mainly around Cork City and Cork County and in today’s post I simply want to share a few general impressions from this little vacation. There is another post planned which is all about vegan options in Cork so stay tuned for that one in case you plan travelling to Ireland now or later.

Travelling to Ireland is most probably not like the typical summer destination and I have to admit that I did not really feel summer while I was there. It was pretty cold, grey and windy on most days and we only had a few hours of sunshine during our entire stay. Still, we made the best out of our trip, visited some beautiful places, had great food, and got to know a country we have never been to before.

We were based in Cork City but made a few day trips around Cork County and visited both Blarney, Kinsale, Cobh, and Fota. So here we go with a few impressions from these places…

Cork City is located some 2 1/2 hours train ride from Dublin, close to the coast. As far as I understood, Cork is like the second most important city in Ireland, has a university with some 20.000 students, and a young and alternative spirit which I enjoyed a lot. You will be able to find loads of organic and vegan coffee shops, markets, and restaurants.

In the middle of the city, the river Lee is helping to find orientation and most definetly gives a special charme to the entire place.

In Cork, and basically everywhere we went, houses were painted in beautiful colors. This is something you rarely ever see in Germany and I found it very pretty. I thought, however, that they do this to somehow fight against the always grey sky/tristesse. I think one can easily get depressed staying in Ireland, where it rains almost every day. So a little bit of color all around the place may be very helpful to cheer up.

Whereas the city itself is not very green, it gets absolutely beautifully green alongside the river Lee and at the outskirts of the city. I enjoyed the walks alongside the river and around the small parks. Especially the small bridge pictured below was such a nice find. It is located between the former prison (which is a museum nowadays) and the Fitzgerald Park.

Cork City itself is definetly worth a visit, however, after two days or so you may want to see something else (the city is not thaaat big…). There are tons of nice day trips to make around Cork County. On our first day we took the train to Cobh, a small town at the coast. It was from here that the Irish immigrants went to the US and there is an interesting museum where you can actually research your own family’s history and find out if you have ancestors who travelled from Cobh to the US.

Going from Cork to Cobh takes only 30 minutes so it is even possbile doing this for half of a day.

Another really beautiful place for a daytrip is Blarney. In Blarney there is located the famous Blarney Castle. We went to the castle but actually spent 5 hours visiting the castle’s gardens and did not even have a look at the castle itself. So I cannot say if it is actually worth standing in line for an hour to get inside. The gardens however are worth the entrance fee of 15€.

They are huge and even though most tourists only visit a small area, I think it is absolutely worth taking the time for a long walk all around the place. You will find baby cows and horses on your way, a small lake with loads of swans, ancients forests, and hidden caves.

To go to Blarney from Cork takes 30 minutes by bus.


From all the places we visited, Kinsale was our favorite! Kinsale is an hour by bus from Cork and it is so worth taking the time to go there. The small town has a beautiful harbor, the cutest ever houses and two forts that you can visit. The walking paths to the forts is super scenic and even if you decide not to actually visit the forts, you may still enjoy just walking there for the sake of the view.

We also found a coffee shop there that is serving all day vegan breakfast, energy balls, and coffee with your choice of plant based milk. What a find in a small town like that! Like usually we were only able to find tea when we were looking for vegan options outside of Cork city. I will share more about the vegan options in Cork and around soon.

Finally, there is Fota. Fota is located some ten minutes by train from Cork and is not actually a village of anything. I think it’s a tourism place only, actually. Anyway, there is a huge wildlife park that we did not visit. And there is a arboreum that we did visit. In case you like trees, flowers, nature or just anything green, this place is a must. The entrance is free which makes it even nicer. It is a beautiful place for a long walk or even a picnic.

So that’s it for today. A small general overview of my Ireland travels. In my next Ireland post, I will share my favorite vegan options all around Cork so be ready for that one. In between there will be a post with my summer favorites including a super cool giveaway that I am already sooo excited about to share. So many blog posts are waiting to be published and I feel like soooo behind everything. Anyway, I will catch up now and I hope you enjoy what I got ready for you 🙂


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  1. Amy Arnold
    Juni 23, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Wow, the countryside is so pretty and green! I wouldn’t have guessed it to be so cold. Thanks for sharing! Glad you got to visit.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style