I sold my Business to become a full time Blogger and travel Europe in a Camper Van!

That’s it! That is pretty much my life update in a nutshell: I sold my business to become a full time blogger and travel Europe in a camper van!

But there is more to the story, of course. So for today I decided to write a little bit about the decision process my husband and I went through, what we have planned for the coming 15 months, and how we managed to stick to our decision and our goals, even when things seemed to be rather difficult.

As many of you know, I am nine months pregnant while I am writing this. Our son could arrive next week… but hopefully he will enjoy the coziness of the belly for another four weeks 😀 When we got to know that we are pregnant again in late summer 2018, we didn’t plan too much ahead in the first place. After two miscarriages, we didn’t feel like making big plans for a baby that maybe decided to disappear again anyway. However, when I was around five months pregnant, we began talking about life with that little baby of ours.

When our first child arrived in our life, four years ago, we both took a year off to welcome her the best possible way into this world. It was a beautiful and a wonderful year and we ended up having that much time that we opened a business after around nine months of staying at home with the baby. Our business was our “second baby” and we loved working for it and seeing it grow. For a very long time there was no doubt about keeping it going and continue working in it and with it.

However, knowing that we will have another baby made us reflect a lot about our business and our life. Back then, one of the motivations for starting our own business was to be able to always make family a first priority; when our daughter needed us, we didn’t work. It’s been that simple. However, our business grew and with more customers and more money comes more responsibility. We arrived at a point where we couldn’t just say “let’s take a week off to spend time just the three of us” or “let’s take a month off to welcome our new baby into this world”. So we started thinking about the options we had …

Should we get some employees so that they take care of everything? But then we would still be responsible and in the worst case, if something goes wrong, it would still be us who would have to solve the problems – no matter if giving birth in that moment or not! So that wasn’t actually a perfect solution.

We then started thinking off everything else we want to give our baby: time with us, for sure, yes, as much as possible. But there was more to that. We did not only want to give our son just two parents around at all times, but two HAPPY parents around at all times!

So our next thoughts were all about; how can we become the maximum happy and satisfied parents 😀

What came out after some weeks of discussing and meditating was that I want to be a full time blogger – with the help of my husband, and that we both want to travel Europe in a camper van and spend as much time nature all around Europe as possible!

It’s not that we weren’t happy with our business, not at all! We loved it! However, the responsibility of having customers waiting for their orders, for making sure everything always works out on time etc. was something that put some pressure on us. And we decided that we can’t really need that pressure for now. 

The whole decision process took us around three weeks – from early December 2018 until my 31st birthday on December 22; that day we shared our plans for the first time with others.

It wasn’t super easy to just give up our company, however, since we had the new plans already made we were so excited for the new things coming up that there wasn’t much space for sorrow or grief.

After the decision was taken, we never looked back and we did not even doubt for even a second. Everything was crystal clear for us. And even when we got to know in the end of February that the people who made us believe that they want to buy our company, suddenly changed their minds, we were still cool. Somehow even then we just trusted that everything happens for a reason and that in the end everything will turn our best case scenario.

We had – and still have – such a deep trust. Somehow, in our mind there wasn’t the option that this wouldn’t work out.

And so far it is working out quite well. At least we sold our company last week and for the amount of money we got through selling it, we can now afford to buy a camper van that will be large enough for all four of us and that will take us through all of Europe. Plus, there will be some extra, in case working as blogger will – for whatever reason – not work anyway 😀

I personally believe that with a deep rooted trust, it is easy to take decisions. Even big and life changing decisions like the ones we took. We weren’t afraid of anything when we took our decisions because they just felt so absolutely right; we knew we would have loads of time for our children, we knew we would have loads of time in nature, we knew I love blogging, we both love travelling, it just all felt so perfectly fine that there was no space for anxiety or doubt.

And now, what have we planned? Well right now, we still have a little bit of work to do for the company we sold and next to that I am always blogging, of course. Otherwise, we are just waiting for our son to arrive and we enjoy the time we have as only the three of us, as much as possible. When our little son is here, we want to wait for three more months before starting off into our adventure. By three months, he will be fully arrived in this world and it will be easier for all of us to change place often and to spend some time in a driving camper.

We plan to leave in early September 2019 and come back in September 2020 – twelve months, just for the four of us!

During our trip, I (and maybe my husband as well… let’s see) will of course write a lot for the blog! I will share where we go, what life in a camper looks like for us, what I cook in a small camper kitchen, how we keep living our sustainable lifestyle on the road (we will only bring cloths diapers…), and also how we prepare for a twelve months trip. I also plan to visit some companies along the way and some eco hotels as well 🙂

Next to that, I just started writing a book, together with my mum, and I will continue working on that as well. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the year and hopefully we will be able to publish it by then… another exciting adventure!

And yes, that’s it! New life, here you are! And I love you!

Let me know if you have any questions and if you have any recommendations regarding travelling Europe in a camper! I absolutely appreciate your help and recommendations!!!


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