How to Fight the Winter Blues – 10 Tips for a Happy Winter

We are in the middle of Winter… and it is rough! I don’t know about you, but I find the time between mid January and the beginning of Spring (which is sometime in April around here) really difficult. However, over the years I found some little hacks here and there to make this time of the year a little better, to get my mood under control, to actually ENJOY the cold days, the icy rain, the winds, and the grey on grey. How I do that? Here I am sharing 10 tips!

1. Go out!

Probably the easiest to think off and yet the most difficult to actually become reality. It is stormy, it is cold, and there is actually not any reason to leave the house. And yet – it will give you so much energy to get some fresh air, to feel the season on your skin, maybe even in your bones, to just FEEL the winter for just 20 minutes or so. I try to go for walks for at least 20 minutes every day, no matter what. You will feel so much better afterwards, I promise 🙂

2. Move

As easy as number one right? Of course we all love to move and to do exercising, especially at this time of the year… not! I find it rather hard to move a lot when it is cold outside. Taking small walks isn’t really enough of movement when we spend the rest of the day at our desk or on the sofa. So what I do is that I start every day with at least ten minutes of yoga, furthermore, I try to just stand or walk whenever possible (when I am on the phone, when I am on instagram, etc.), and whenever possible (#mumlife you know ;)) I do longer yoga sessions. Moving is giving sooooo much energy and is perfect for mood swings!

3. Enjoy the Coziness

And now you say: she just wrote quite the contrary! I did yes, but I find BOTH so important: to go outside, to move, to get your energy back from the fresh air and from the oxygen your body will produce when moving AND to enjoy all the cozy moments at this time of the year. Celebrate coziness; make yourself your favorite hot tea, gather all the books around you that you wanted to read the entire last year and you didn’t manage to, finally play that boardgame you wanted to play since forever, watch your favorite movie every week, just enjoy being all bundled up and cozy.

4. Take Vitamin D

I was feeling very insecure about vitamin D for a loooong time. I am the kind of person who believes that she can get everything she needs from whole foods (except for vitamin b12) and I never really took any vitamin D. This year however, when I felt really tired and a loss of energy in early november already, I decided to give it a try. And it worked SO well! I was feeling less tired and had a much easier time getting our of bed in the morning when I started taking it every day. I actually take it together with vitamin K2 now which is another essential vitamin for healthy bones. I do only take small amounts and I do not believe in mega doses of vitamin D (actually, there is no scientific evidence that mega doses of vitamin D are healthy).

When thinking about getting a vitamin D supplementation, make sure to get a vitamin D3 and make sure it’s of good quality. I got mine from InnoNature that is offering great quality, vegan products, and in their product range they do not have a ton of products that nobody actually needs, but only a few essentials (that I would all recommend and that I want to try myself in the new future!). I really like that about them! Also, the two founders are really into their company and very sweet people; and I always love to support nice people with good intentions instead of milliondollar companies that do not actually care about your health.

Use the code Rosa10 to get 10% off your order at InnoNature 🙂

5. Get aaaaall the sunshine you can

Even when you are taking a vitamin D supplement, make sure to get all the sunshine you can. Sunshine is not only about vitamin D but it does have healing powers (which doesn’t mean that you should take sunbaths for hours). Whenever the sun is shining (this doens’t happen too often around here) I sit in front of an open window and just soak up every little bit I can get. Especially when I feel really tired or even a little sick, sunshine is extremely helpful to me. There is nothing that can lift me up like sunshine. Try to get as much as you can, even if it’s only a minute or two at the opened window.

6. Get aaaaall the nutrients (eat better as ever before!)

I cannot emphasize this one enough. Especially when we lack sunshine, when we lack fresh air, when we lack movement… it is SO important to eat even better than ever before. If not from the sun, if not from moving, if not from fresh air, where else will you get your energy? Yes, from the food you eat! There are plenty of healthy greens and fruits available, even at this time of the year. Get tons of kale and spinach and other winter greens, get cabbage, get squash, eat apples, pears, dates, oranges. You get the idea. Ever since I finally started eating leafy greens at least twice a day I felt such an increase in enegy. Try it. If you do not believe me, try it just for one week: eat leafy greens twice a day and three pieces of fruit minimum. And then let me know how you feel 😉

7. Consider taking some superfoods for extra nutrient boost

I want it all. Yes. Even if I eat super healthy with all those greens and fruits, I still want more 😀 I love to take barley grass powder and I love to take algaes. It’s just this little extra that I need in stressful or busy times, even in emotionally difficult times. It just helps me staying in my balance, keeping my mood, and my energy when I take a tablespoon of barley grass and a few pills from 100% spirulina and/or chlorella algae every day. Also, when you are haivng problems with your iron levels, try barley grass, spirulina and/or chlorella for a couple of weeks and then check how they are changing towards better!

I am currently taking chlorella and spirulina algaes from gse which is a German company that I totally trust when it comes to where the algaes come from etc. There will be coming a post of algaes here on the blog in the new future so stay tuned for that.

8. Consider a daylight lamp

I have read a lot about daylight lamps and many of my friends and family members have one. I do not actually, so I cannot say too much from my own experience. However, I know that it has helped a lot of people fight their winter depression so maybe it could be an idea to give it a try. I feel not really a need to get one yet, as I am really good in catching every minute of sunlight and as long as I am following all the other points listed here, I am not really in risk of falling into a winter depression.

9. Make plans for spring and summer

I personally love to make plans. There is hardly anything that makes me happier than making plans. So whenever I feel like all shut in, I make plans. In the end of december 2017 I planned my trips to Zurich and Glasgow to have something nice to look foward too, then I make plans for trade fairs I am going to visit, for things I want to do in my garden when it gets warmer, etc. It just something really fun about making plans all while you cannot really do anything right now 😀

10. Clean out and up

This is the perfect time of the year, to clean out and up! It can feel so good to just clean, to give away things you do no longer need, to make your home as pretty and cozy and never before. Or to finally get all those pictures from the last five years into photoalbums (this is what we do two nights a week 😀 from Janaury to March every year), or to finally take all the clothes with holes in to the tailor, or to finally hang the pretty pictures on the wall that have waited on the flooor since forever. You get the idea. Always remember: as soon as it is summer you will never do it 😀


Now that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have anything to add to this list?  If so, make sure to let me know in the comments 🙂

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Januar 21, 2018 / 1:10 am

    These are great tips! I like winter for the most part, but by the time February comes around I am usually pretty bored of it. My favorite thing to do is to get outside! It’s amazing how even just a short walk can brighten your mood.