How I Deal with Stress and I How I Managed to Elimate it from my Life

Some of you may have read my life update back in the end of December. In that post I have been sharing that 2017 has been the most challenging year of my life so far; between others because I felt a lot of stress. In all aspects of life, actually. I had emotional stress because of my first miscarriage, I had work related stress because I always felt like I do not have enough time, I had stress as a mother because I felt like I don’t have enough time with my girl, or rather the time that I have with her, I wasn’t really there because I felt like I need to do something else. Etc. etc. etc. I am pretty sure most of you know what I am talking about. I had the worst New Years eve of my life between 2017 and 2018 and with the first day of the new year arriving, I decided that a few – or rather a lot – of things have to and will change in my life in the new year. The first and most important thing was that I wanted to eliminate stress from my life.

Now we are eight months into 2018 and I feel ready to share how things are going over here. Especially since they are actually going good! The stress is gone. It really is.

Here is what I did to eliminate stress from my life:

  1. The first and most important step was that I stopped seeing stress as something negative. I used to become angry whenever I felt stress; I felt stressed about being stressed. It was like a vicious circle; I felt stressed and then I was like “oh no! I feel stressed. This needs to stop. I have to do something for the stress to stop!” And well, obviously, felt more stressed. I stopped doing this and instead, whenever I feel stress coming up, I rather say: “hey stress, you are here again. Thank you for showing me that I am important. Thank you for letting me know that what I do matters. Thank you for making me feel like a manager with loads of important tasks!” Through seeing the stress as something positive (a feeling of being important) I immediately feel less stressed. I rather feel excited in a positive way. The tasks that just stressed me a few minutes ago suddenly become goals that I am looking forward to achieve.


  1. I started to plan extremely well. At least once a week, I sit down with my husband and we talk about EVERYTHING we want and/or have to do; from grocery shopping to blogging to working to playground time to together-time. And then we find space for everything. Even for the small things such as writing emails, planning the cooking for the week, or doing an important phone call. When I know that there is a certain time in which I will be able to do all of those smaller and bigger to do’s then there is no reason to feel stressed. I can actually live in the moment and enjoy the moment because I know that NOW is the time where I am supposed to play with my girl and in two hours there will be time to write a blog post. Knowing that there is enough time for everything makes it MUCH easier for me to go through the week without feeling any stress.


  1. I took decisions. For a long time I wasn’t really sure about what I actually want to do in my life. I liked blogging, but I never really knew where to go with my blog, I liked my company but I wasn’t really sure if this really is what I want to do the next ten years. Not taking decisions is using up quite a lot of energy and this in the end is causing stress. The moment I decided where I want to go with my blog, my company, my life – the stress disappeared! Because suddenly all I did I did for that goal and this gave – or rather gives – me soooo much energy! When you know WHY you do something, it is a whole different feeling, I promise!


  1. Meditation. I know, you hear this one aaaaalll the time. But there is a good reason for why you hear this all the time! I’ve never been much into meditation because I didn’t find my personal right way to meditate yet. However, a couple of months ago I did – and now I LOVE meditating. I need a constant guidance when meditating and I prefer travelling somewhere during meditation (places inside of me) instead of just concentrating on my breath. Travelling to those places inside of me is extremely helpful to me since I can now go to these places whenever I feel stress coming up or whenever I feel anxious or angry or similar.

So to sum up here is what helped me:

  1. Seeing stress as something positive (I feel stress because I am important!)
  2. Planning well so that I KNOW that there is a time slot for EVERYTHING I want to do
  3. Committing to what I do and knowing WHY I am doing what I am doing
  4. Meditate



What are you experiences with facing stress or not facing it 😀 ? I would love to know!


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  1. August 20, 2018 / 2:03 am

    I will have to add these steps into my life. I am definitely a victim of the first one, feeling stressed about stress! I am glad you were able to eliminate stress from your life. I hope one day I can too, thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

    • September 13, 2018 / 3:18 pm

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Yes try step by step and I am sure you will be able to see changes 🙂