Homemade Sunscreen

I have been looking for a good sunscreen for my baby…

of course I only use organic products for my baby since I only want the best for her skin. However, even in the organic sunscreens available on the market there is lots of stuff in there, where I am not sure if I really want my baby’s skin to absorb it or not. So I decided to make my own sunscreen to make sure that only the best ingredients are used and that no chemicals and no non-natural ingredients get in contact with my baby.

Now, the whole family is using this sunscreen since its really easy to make, it is super easy to apply (those of you know organix sunscreen know the thick texture and the white skin you have after applying it…) and it makes the skin soooo soft because of all the good oils in there. I am pretty much in love with my homemade sunscreen and this is why I thought I better share my recipe with you 🙂

So here is what you need:

100 ml sesame oil
60 g cocoa butter
10 g coconut oil
10 g bees wax (if you want to make it 100% vegan, leave this out and use slightly more cocoa butter insetad)
6 teaspoon carrot oil (or a few drops of carrot seed oil)

In this recipe its mainly the sesame oil which gives the sunscreen an UV protection of approximately 25, but also the coconut oil has a natural UV protection. There are lots of other natural oils out there which can protect your skin from the sun, but sesame oil is one of the strongest and this is why I decided to use this one for this sunscreen.

Its as easy as it can be to make this sunscreen – you just add all the ingredients into a pot and let the cocoa butter, coconut oil and bees wax melt (just put the pot with the ingredients into another pot filled with hot water). Then pour the blend of oils and fats into a glass.

The sunscreen will smell like sesame oil and coconut oil. If you do not like the smell, you can always add essential oils of your chocie! The yellow color of the sun lotion is of course because of the carrot oil. If you do not like that, you can always use a few drops of carrot seed oil instead of the 6 teaspoons of carrot oil.

The sunscreen will look like this when its still hot it will only take a few hours for the oils to harden and for you to have a  sun screen with a nice texture – not too hard yet not too soft.

When applied on the skin, it will melt easily so that its really easy to apply. This is especially important for me because I dont like to stress my baby’s skin with lots of rubbing of cream into her little face.

As mentioned above, the sunscreen had a UV protection of approximately 25. I use it several times a day when I spend lots of time outside and believe me, my skin gets sooooo soft from all these good oils! My baby seems to like it too and now she does not have an all-white face like she used to have when I put the organic sunscreen on her face.

Have fun trying and let me know what you think about this recipe :)!




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  1. Juni 11, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    I'm not sure that these ingredients are available in local pharmacies, but your homemade sunscreen looks really great and natural! I think it can be used not only for a baby, but for a mother as well:)))) Thank you for the great recipe, it is a quite interesting one:)
    Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

  2. Juni 11, 2015 / 6:03 pm

    I have such sensitive skin against pharmacy sunscreens. I would love to try homemade remedy. Thank you for sharing that!

  3. Juni 11, 2015 / 8:46 pm

    Wie, Sonnencreme kann man selber machen? Das wusste ich gar nicht. Jetzt bin ich aber platt!


  4. Juni 11, 2015 / 9:08 pm

    Oh my God, I would never ever guess that you can make your own sunscreen! I really always thought that I can get UV protection only with shop cosmetics, I didnt know about this protection in oils:) What a great post, if I get all the ingredients I will for sure try this, thank so much for sharing:) And about the weather – yesterday it was colder, but today it was really warm, hot even, and tomorrow its gonna be a heat out there:) Have a nice evening, hugs:)))

  5. Juni 12, 2015 / 2:39 am

    I had NO idea you could make your own sunscreen. That is amazing, thanks for sharing!