Homemade Cashew Ice Cream

Hey there, ice cream lovers! May I introduce the yummiest cashew ice cream ever to you? Not only that is is extremely delicous but it is actually healthy! Packed with cashews, vitamin-rich dates, some coconut milk and different healthy flavors and add ons of your choice. Plus it comes without any cholesterol or tons of saturated fats – which you will find in conventional ice cream. Not here – because this ice cream is all vegan!

Here is to what inspired me to share this recipe. Most of us know by now that milk is very unhealthy. Very unhealthy and very un-ethical to make (a cow is raped several times in her life, her babies are taken away from her, she is then milked by robots which hurts a lot, then she is raped again etc. etc. etc. It’s pretty much hell. In my point of view even worse than actually eating meat; where at least the cow is slaughtered after eight month of life and the torture has a an end; compared to being repeated all over again and again). And I know more and more people who stop drinking milk – which is GREAT! However, around 80% of those people do still eat ice cream made from cows in summer. True story!

And I get that. I mean going out for ice cream is what most people loved doing as a child, doing it now is giving this special feeling of joy, of doing something nice with the family, maybe even of getting a reward for something. Eating ice cream is emotional. And most people do not want to deprive themselves from something. Which is fine too. Because here are the good news: YOU DON’T HAVE TO! There is cashew ice cream out there 😀

Cashew ice cream is creamy, it can be flavored in ALL your favorite flavors, it can be covered in chocolate, it can be eaten as popsticles or from jars, it is all you want from an ice cream PLUS that is healthy and not hurting anyone!!!

And – on a side note – it can be zero waste too if you want it to be 😉

Now do you want some cashew ice cream now? I hope you do! And I hope you will allow those baby cows to live and save those mother cows from being deprived of their babies (spread some more love pleeeeease!!!).

Making cashew ice cream is super easy; as long as you have a good blender! If you do not, make sure to get one. It will make your entire life getting to a whole new level. Promise!

Now for the basic cashew ice cream you do not need much. it’s four ingredients. However, you can add ANYTHING you like to get a million different flavors:

  • strawberries
  • pistacchios
  • chocolate/cocoa
  • matcha
  • lemon juice and zest
  • cassis
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • caramel topping

etc. etc. etc.

Just make the basic recipe and a add some of your favorite ingredients. It is fun to mix around!

But now to the recipe!

You will need only four ingredients for the basic ice cream mix:

1 cup soaked cashews

1 cup plant based milk (I love a coconut-rice milk for this recipe)

1 cup soaked dates

1 pinch of salt

Optional but highly recommend: 1 pinch of vanilla

Soak both the cashews and the dates overnight – or at least for three hours. If you get hands of very soft dates such as mazafati, you will not need to soak them. If you have a high speed blender you may not have to soak them either. If your dates are rather hard and if your blender isn’t a high speed blender it is a good idea to soak them, however.

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until you are left with the finest, creamiest cream. No pieces allowes 😀

Check for taste – maybe you like it sweeter? Add some maple syrup! Maybe you like it saltier? Add some salt! Maybe you want to have vanilla ice cream? Add more vanilla.

Also feel free to add all your favorite add-ons, such as strawberries, cocoa, matcha etc. (see list above).

Now stir your cream into moulds or glass jars and freeze.

That’s it!

BUT WAIT! There are a few tips and tricks I want to share:

– when making popsticles you want to have a more liquid texture so add a little more plant based milk to your mix.

– when you want to have a very thick and creamy ice cream so that you can actually makes ice cream balls from it rather use a little less milk and make a creamier version.

– when serving the popsticles, serve them immediatly after taking them out from the freezer. When serving the ice in jars, however, let it sit a while in room temperature and allow it to get creamy and a little softer.

– I found this tip online but didn’t try yet: cashew butter instead of soaked cashews is said to make the BEST cashew ice cream in the world. Feel free to give it a try!

For the pictures here I made a chocolate ice cream with a hazelnut-chocolate cream on top. So I basically just added cocoa powder to the recipe and for the second layer I added some roasted hazelnuts and cocoa powder.

I also made matcha ice with cocoa-powder on top. So here I added some basic matcha to the recipe and added some of the chocolate ice cream on top.

Finally, I made some vanilla-caramel-chocolate popsticles. I used the basic cashew ice recipe for the first layer, a simple caramel made from dates, salt and maca powder (you can find a similar recipe in this post) for the second layer, and then there is chocolate ice cream as a third layer.


Finally just a few words on where to put your ice cream in – I actually love re-using old jars from coconut oil. They have the perfect size and since you can close them with lids it is easy to pile up in the freezer. If it not jars then I use stain less steel popsticle moulds. I always prefer stainless steel over plastic or silicone because 1. they last a lifetime 2. they are absolutely safe regarding toxic substanes and 3. they are completely zero waste and sustainble.

You can find stainless steel popsticles moulds in different sustainable online shops. For those of you living in Germany; I got mine from kivanta.de

Make sure to let me know if you have any questions about homemade cashew ice cream!

Oh there is one thing I forgot to mention: you can actually get cashew icecream in the shops too! In Germany there is the company Ice Date that is selling delicious cashew ice cream, but just google for it and you will find a lot 🙂

Now happy Summer and happy ice-eating!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Juli 8, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    This looks so good! Cashews are a favorite of mine so I can only imagine how delicious this is!!