Hiking in Zurich (with Eco Brotbox and Qwetch)

Last weekend I spent the most beautiful weekend in Zurich. I have never been to Switzerland before, actually, and I was amazed by the beautiful nature everywhere. Even Zurich seems to be just a small village surrounded by wild nature. SO beautiful, so calm, so peaceful!

Since I didn’t have a lot of time in Zurich I wasn’t really able to explore any of the “real” mountains in the area. However, even for those of you who only spend a day in Zurich, I have something for you! Only some 20 minutes by local train, you can reach the Uetliberg at the outskirts of the city. The train takes you almost all the way up and this destination really is perfect for a short afternoon or morning hike to get a little bit of an idea of the Swiss nature.

After reaching the Uetliberg station, you can walk some 10 minutes to get to the top. From there you have a beautiful view of the city. Well, when the weather is good you do have… I wasn’t very lucky with the weather and my view rather looked like this:

Which is beautiful too though :D. Anyway, when reached the top there are several options on how to hike back down again. No matter which way you choose, you will hardly hike for more than an hour to reach the bottom of the mountain. The hike is beautiful though and you can easily extend the one hour hike by having a few stops here and there to enjoy the view.

And to enjoy a lunch snack.

There are actually restaurants everywhere in the Swiss mountains (at least that’s what my friend told me) and there are two or so on the Uetliberg. However, not only are they extremely expensive but the food is not of great quality either (depending on what you are looking for of course! When looking for traditional Swiss Cuisine with loads of cheese then you might be very happy there).

Since I am always travelling on a budget and since I am just slightly difficult when it comes to food (eating vegan is already pretty difficult to most Swiss restaurants), I always bring my own lunch when hiking.

Those of you who follow my blog since a while know that I am very much into stainless steel lunch boxes and bottles. I swore off plastic long time ago and stainless steel and glass are now the only options for me when it comes to carrying snacks around.

For my trip to Zurich I brought my bright pink thermos from the French label Qwetch. Loving it! I bring it to the office everyday and whereever I travel. It is made from 100% stainless steel, without any coating or lacquer on the inside (unlike for example aluminium containers), and it does not alter flavours and taste. I also brought my stainless steel lunch box from the Berlin based label Eco Brotbox. This lunch box is actually my favorite ever, because it has two layered container and comes with a separate snack box made of stainless steel as well. I brought dates in the seperate snack box but totally forgot to picture (all my focus was on the yummy spelt bread with tomato spread and cucumber 😀 ).

By the way, when having hiked down the Uetliberg, it takes you around 45 minutes to walk to the Zurich lake (not the most beautiful walk, however).

From there you can see Zurich city center on the other side of the lake and enjoy watching small boats, swans, and seagulls floating around. The way from here to the city center is absolutely beautiful and most definetly worth a walk!


As you can see I am such a professional hiker; not. I did wear some hiking boots but since I did not want to bring several jackets and backpacks to Zurich, I just wore my pink coat and my city backpack in the woods 😀 why not, right? My shoulders did hurt, however, after hiking and walking for 5 hours.

Have you ever been to Zurich or Switzerland? I would love to know!


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  1. Februar 7, 2018 / 6:03 am

    That’s such a beautiful place, Larissa. I miss going on out of town nature trips. I’m planning on doing a solo trip soon. I still don’t know where, but I would love for it to be a trek-type of trip at the very least so that I can enjoy the beauty and peace of being one with nature.

    Thank you for always sharing such lovely adventures! 🙂