Hiking in the Black Forest – Mitteltal

Today I would like to share with you some impressions from my stay in the Black Forest. I’ve been there two weeks ago with my husband and my little daughter and we had a beautiful stay at the sustainable Hotel Lamm in Mitteltal. I’ve been posting about the hotel and our stay there back here.

For today I just have some pictures from our hike for you. It was so beautiful that I thought I rather share them with you 🙂

We took a hike down hill from the Kniebis mountain. The Hotel Lamm offers a free shuttle to the mountain top every Tuesday and Friday and since we’ve been hiking with our three year old we thought a down hill hike will be better for her. The hike is seven kilometers and easy and fun to deal with. I think it is wonderful for pretty much everyone and every age. Depending if you like it more adventurous, you can choose the “adventure paths” which are more rough and steep – or you can just choose the normal path and will have more of a “long walk” experience; which can be nice as well!

Here are some impressions in the order we took the hike… we started off on the top of the Kniebis:


While we’ve been hiking we saw a lot of blueberry bushes all over the forest and I’ve been thinking that it must be amazing to go hiking here in late summer when the blueberries are ripe and you can actually eat fresh wild blueberries!

For the hike, they do recommend wearing hiking shoes and for the “adventure paths” even hiking sticks could be very usefull (it does down pretty steep at times and it is slippery all over the place). We, however, went with our normal shoes and weren’t really well equipped. We still had a lot of fun and we managed to hike down the adventurous parts of the trail without hurting ourselves 🙂

The area around the lake is perfect for a break. There is a small cabin and a few benches around the lake and you can sit and enjoy the view there perfectly. We brought some cookies and fruit and had a long breakt there. The lake is actually pretty magical and I found it difficult to leave that place again. It’s one of those places where you feel total inner peace… do you know any of those places?

By the way, talking about inner peace – during the entire hike we did not meet even one other person! It was beautiful to get this feeling of having the forest all for ourselves 🙂

When we took the hike we started off in the morning when it was all foggy on the mountain top. In some areas we weren’t able to see further than a few meters. However, as we hiked down hill the sun made it through the fog and it was breathtaking to see the sun rays through the fog. When we arrived at a small lake, halfway down the mountain, there wasn’t any fog left but the lake was rather bathed in the most beautiful bright colors of fall.

Do you like to go hiking? Were did you experience your most beautiful hike so far? I would love to know!


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