Hiking in Novina (Czech Republic)

Last weekend was magic. Well somehow at least. We went hiking in Novina, in Czech Repbulic. Novina is like the smallest little village, there is no supermarket, no anything, just a train station in the middle of nowhere, were we went off the train to hike 40 minutes up hill with a huge suitcase (why didn’t we bring our backpacks again?).

Every year around the first of October my husband and I celebrate our anniversary somewhere in the nature, usually in the mountains; to spend a few days hiking or walking, talking and eating good food, and just enjoying being together. We recap the past year and the past years together, talk about everything that happend in the eight years we’ve been together so far, about how much our life changed and about all the things we would never have expected. Those three or four days of the year belong always among the mots beautiful days of the year. Same for this year!

And of course I brought tons of pictures from our little getaway. We stayed in a really cute little all vegan hotel and I will actually make a seperate post only about the hotel. It’s really such a cute place to stay and I think some of you may be interested in learning more about it (I guess everyone who is vegan and aaalways looking for vegan places to stay could be interested in that one 😉 )

In this blog post I will rather write a little general things about our trip.

As usual we went by train which is my favorite way to travel. Czech Republic is great to be travelled by train as they have trains running even to the smallest villages and you can enjoy the amazing nature while sitting in the train and snacking on local treats all while chatting with some locals (well, with those who know english…).

I find travelling by train much more “close” to the country compared to travelling by car. This is the main reason for why I enjoy it so much. Often it is only when I enter a local train that I feel like I arrived in a country. Surrounded by babys, children, young women, old men… that’s where I feel like I can feel the country 🙂

Can anyone relate?

During our stay, we didn’t move too far from our hotel but just went for small hikes around the area. We got breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the hotel (all vegan) which was great because there are no restaurants or not even a supermarket in the area, and also even if there was, it would have been difficult to find vegan options.

Also, we went with our little girl, so we just went for small two hours hike in the morning, came home for lunch and nap time (I was finally able to finish Zadie Smith’s new book “Swing Time” during our girl’s nap time. Any of you read it yet? It frustated me so much…), and went for a another two to three hours hike in the afternoon.

Our little one enjoyed those short hikes and we spent a lot of time just playing with small streams that were running down the mountains, searching for the funniest mushrooms (we found violet ones…) or balancing on fallen trees.

By the way, of course I brought my stainless steel bottle and boxes to bring drinks and snacks for our small hikes. We brougt hot tea from the hotel, as even though the sun was shining, it was pretty cold up in the mountains. For this trip I packed a stainless steel bottle from Kivanta that is rather thin and therefore easy to carry even in a small backpack.

I also always bring a box with dried fruit or other snacks. My favorite box is a round one with a screwable lids.

Kivanta is one of my favorite shops for stainless steel or other to-go-items, like lunch boxes, thermos, water bottles, and so on. They have a huge variety of products, they all have really good quality and I am very sure that my boxes will last a life time, plus the lady behind the shop is the sweetest ever. Her name is Nathalie she is a mother as well and it feels really good sometimes to just exchange emails about childrens topics all while I actually wanted to talk about which lunch boxes would be best for a hiking trip 😀


Okay, so before coming to an end; check out this cute little village! Aren’t the houses just too cute?

I was very much in love with Novina, even though I think it could never live in the mountains. All that up and down is too much excercise for me 😀

I hope you enjoyed this little travel post!? What are your next hiking or travel plans? I am afraid I am done with vacation for this year. I have a few appointments and trade fairs in other cities around Germany, and we will spend New Years on a small farm in the area, but that was it for travelling in 2017. I am excited for 2018 where I will go hiking in Scotland, visit England again, and hopefully, another one of my all time favorite countries. But you never know how things continue with my business and so on, so I am not sure yet how much time we will have for vacations.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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5 Kommentare

  1. Oktober 6, 2017 / 12:08 pm

    Love the article and the photos! Cannot wait for the post about the hotel 🙂

  2. Oktober 8, 2017 / 1:12 pm

    Such great photos, Larissa! Just this week, I kind of hiked with some of my colleagues at work to do a cacao planting project in Mt. Arayat here in the Philippines. It was such a great experience. Being kind of one with nature really helped me relax.

    Btw, Happy 8th Anniversary to you guys! 🙂


  3. Oktober 9, 2017 / 8:59 am

    Das ist so eine Richtung, in der ich noch nie unterwegs war! Aber ich lese und sehe oft, dass es da echt schöne Natur gibt… irgendwann will ich auch die Richtung mal mehr erkunden! 🙂

    Mhm. Hast du das Problem mit deiner Kamera auch mit anderen Objektiven? Im Zweifelsfall, gerade wenn es schwieriger ist zu fokussieren, ist meiner Erfahrung nach eher das Objektiv das Problem…
    Sollte es an den Einstellungen liegen, müsstest du die irgendwo im Menü auf den Ursprung zurück setzen können; das könntest du auch leicht ausprobieren. Wenn auch die Farben blass sind, könnte durchaus irgendwas in den Einstellungen nicht stimmen!
    Ansonsten würde ich vom Gefühl her eher auf ein Hardware Problem tippen; wobei da eigentlich nur ein Besuch bei jemandem mit Ahnung weiter helfen kann.

    Dankeschön für das liebe Lob!

  4. Oktober 9, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    Wow what an incredibly picturesque little town! The mountains are always so relaxing. I have a weekend mountain trip planned in a couple weeks and I am quite looking forward to it!