Gut Nisdorf – an all Organic Family Hotel!


Last week I spent a few beautiful days at Gut Nisdorf at the Baltic Sea Coast. Gut Nisdorf is an all organic family hotel. You do not know what that’s supposed to mean? Just read on…

Are you looking for a place to visit with your family? And you want to go somewhere where you as a family can actually spend a good time together? A place where you can just be YOU and your kids can be just the kids they are? A place where you can go for walks, play, run, cuddle, cook, do yoga, go horseback riding, or get a massage? I’ve got you covered! I went to visit Gut Nisdorf with my two kids (4 years and 3 months) and I can tell you what: this is your place to go if you have small kids!

Gut Nisdorf is a country estate in northern Germany, right next to the Baltic Sea. Sabine Stange and her husband found the former manor back in 1997 when it was in a pretty bad shape (since it was more or less forgotten after the German reunification in 1989) and renovated the house for six years, until the hotel opened in 2003. Since the two owners renovated the house to a large extent with their very own hands, the restructuring actually continued even when the hotel was already open and step by step the former manor became the beautiful family hotel it is today.

Since 2013 the hotel is a certified organic hotel. This means that all food and all cosmetic products that you can find in the hotel are certified organic. Also, all detergents are organic – and Gut Nisdorf ist even taking the organic approach one step further and is slowly transitioning all towels, bed sheets, and other fabrics around the house to certified organic and fair trade pieces.

Being all organic is one thing, being truly sustainble yet another.

Those of you reading my blog know that I am very much into a sustainable lifestyle and that I try my very best NOT to visit hotels which aren’t in accordance with my perception of sustainability. Gut Nisdorf certainly is!

The entire house is powered by green energy, the owners drive an electric car, and straws made out of actual straw have been introduced already back in 2014, when basically noone in the mainstream knew the word “zero waste” yet.

Talking about zero waste; another fun and wonderful fact about Gut Nisdorf when it comes to sustainability: they need ONE roll of foil per year in their kitchen. That’s it! In case you know another hotel doing THAT good when it comes to reducing their waste, please make sure to leave me a comment so that I can go and visit that hotel as well 😀

So I believe that by now one thing is for sure: at Gut Nisdorf you can eat and drink with a good conscience and know that you are neither exploiting nature nor people when consuming your foods and drinks in the dining room.

But it’s not only that you can enjoy wonderful organic food that comes from a pretty much zero waste hotel kitchen; you can also get vegan, gluten free, or whatever else you like food! Since everything is prepared fresh, it’s not much of a deal to create a vegan or gluten free dinner for you. Or, as the cook said: using soy milk or cow’s milk, wheat flour, spelt flour, or corn flour – I don’t care!

You are welcome here; not only with your small children that love to run around the dining hall; but also with you lactose/histamine/fructose/whatever intolernace!

You think all of this sounds pretty pleasant but you still don’t know what this whole “family hotel” thing is about? Here it comes!

What are the problems families usally face when they are staying in a hotel? Let me tell you: the rooms are too small, the children are supposed to be quiet pretty much everywhere, there aren’t really sitting options in the dining room for the small ones (the chairs are too low), there aren’t really playing opportunities anywhere in the hotel, the children are not supposed to run around etc. etc. etc.

Now take any of the above listed points and come up with the contrary and you know what a family hotel is:

The rooms are big, they are actually apartments with two rooms and a small kitchen so that there is enough space for the entire family, the kids are allowed to be kids – EVERYWHERE! They may play and be loud all around the house and garden, there are high chairs EVERYWHERE around the house so that your small ones can sit with you in the dining room or at the table in your apartment, there are playing opportunities on every floor of the hotel, there is a huge playing room on the ground floor, and even more outside …

The outdoor area needs to be given some special attention because it really is so wonderful; next to the playground and loads of fun vehicles to drive around the site, there is a cute little lake with an artificial beach which was the absolute highlight for my four year old. She LOVED playing in the sand and having the water from the small lake to splash around with it.

Also the horses and sheep got a lot of attention from my girl who loved to just watch them; from our rooftop window and when we were outside to play.

And finally, there is a beautiful bicycle path alongside the coast that can be explored; the bicycles including child seats can be rented from Gut Nisdorf.

We really had such a nice time in the family hotel – even though we spent one day outside in the pouring rain! My four year old didn’t care. After a delicous vegan breakfast (we had soy jogurt, bread with sandwich spreads, muesli, oat milk, and even some vegan cake!), we all took on our rain coats and went outside to run and play around the rain for two hours.

Later on we all snuggled on the sofa in our apartment had some sandwiches (that we prepared at brekafast) and later on we played in the playing areas on all floors. My girl was soooo sad when we had to leave the next day, and I know she would have loved to stay much longer… I would have liked that too! 

Gut Nisdorf is easy to reach from the Scandinavian countries as well as from Poland – and of course from Germany. You can find out more about the hotel on their website. However, the website is not yet available in English yet, so feel free to just send an email to with your questions. Sabine Stange will be happy to help you! Or check out the hotel on the green pearls website where you can find more information in English.

And also let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help you out as well 🙂


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  1. September 18, 2019 / 9:05 am

    Hi my friend, I haven’t heard from you in a while now!:) What a lovely place, I am so glad your trip is going so well, what an adventure! How is your beautiful family doin? My son will have his 1st bithday in 2 weeks, can you believe that?:) I am preparing a lot of food for our birthday party! And another news, I opened my new Youtube Channel, it would be lovely if you could take a look at it (but probably you will not find a lot of vegans options, sorry:)) Have a lovely day, hugs!

    • September 19, 2019 / 7:36 pm

      Thank you so much! I am doing great and I will make sure to check out your youtube channel 🙂