Grocery Shopping on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet: What I Buy in a Week

Since my “what I eat in day” posts are always among my most read posts ever, I thought it could be intersting for you to see, not only what I eat, but what I actually shop!? I go grocery shopping once a week in my next door organic shop and once a week on the market. I don’t have time for more so I usually buy a lot when I go.

The other day when I came home from my organic shop, I decided to just snap a few pictures of what I bought. Of course I do not buy the exact same things every week, and especially when it comes to dry goods, I actually only buy them every now and then.  So what is pictured here is not a “what I have in my pantry” post but a “what an average gorcery haul looks like” post. In my pantries there are much more dry goods and so on… maybe I will share my pantry with you one day, but I will have to do a massive cleaning before taking any pictures there 😀

Anyway, let’s have a look at what I bought two weeks ago in my next door organic shop.


When I go grocery shopping I always buy veggies and fruits first. I can get all the greens and fruits without plastic packaging at my organic shop, and I actually just put them loose into my cotton bags. So all my fresh goods come 100% zero waste.

I try to buy as much seasonal as possible. This week already my haul looked a lot different than the one pictured here. When I went to the shop two weeks ago (when I took these pictures) savoy cabbage and white cabbage was not yet available, whereas this week I bought one head of savoy cabbage, one head of red cabbage, and some kale.

But back to what you can see here. I always buy at least one big head of lettuce plus other leafy greens. Usually it is is either one head of lettuce plus spinach/kale/swiss chard or it is two heads of lettuce. I always buy sweet potaoes and/or golden potatoes. Everything else depends on the season. So right now it is mushrooms, turnips, and cabbage. Leek is somehow always available so I eat it all year around. In summer it was endless amounts of zucchini, radishes, and carrots. Of course I also buy loads of pumpkins now that they are in season.

I actually never plan what to buy before going out. I get inspired from what looks good, what I can get from the region or from what is on sale. It’s only afterwards that I create recipes with what I have in my fridge.

What you can see here on the picture is what we eat in one week (two adults and one child) plus the frozen veggies that I buy (see further down) plus the greens we get from our garden (currently kale and swiss chard) plus a few avocados that I usually buy on the market.

Frozen vegetables

I know, fresh is always better. However, frozen vegetables are what saves our dinners and lunches on sooo many days! They are just the easiest to prepare. When I make a tomatoe sauce for noodles, I add a box of spinach or broccoli or peas or whatever I have. It takes me a minute and makes an average dinner become a healthy dinner.

I am glad that I have found frozen organic vegetables in paper boxes so that I do not produce a ton of plastic waste. I buy all the above frozen vegetables every week and we eat all of them every week.


As with the veggies I try to buy seasonal fruits. This time of the year it is mainly grapes and apples. I always have loads of bananas in the house. Here are only pictured a few but we actually eat around 25 bananas per week (smoothie bowl for three on five mornings per week with 5 bananas every day (the other two mornings of the week are pancake saturday and porridge sunday).

I also buy loads of oranges on the market which are not pictured here. We have this market here in my city where you can get produce that wasn’t sold in the supermarket during the week, for a super low price. This is where I go to get my oranges and my bananas. They always have organic bananas, however I buy conventional oranges. I buy around 3 to 6 kilo of oranges per week to juice them.

On an average day we eat a banana smoothie bowl in the morning, we make orange-ginger-turmeric-juice, and we snack on some grapes, apples, pears during the day. When pomegranates are in season we also love to make pomegranate juice.

We always have a 5 kilo box of dates in the kitchen, to snack on, and to add to smoothies and basically everything. We actually eat around 5 kilo of dates per month… I know, this sounds crazy to some of you 😀

Dry goods and other

I buy a lot of dry goods in the bulk section of my favorite organic shop. I pack them into paper bags that I reuse and reuse and reuse until I finally use them as compost bags and they end up in the trash. I buy a lot of dry goods such as sunflower seeds, dried tomatoes, raisins, chickpeas, lentils, nuts, buckwheat, oats … the only thing they do not have in the bulk section are kidney beans. That’s really too bad as kidney beans often is the one single item that I buy that is packed in plastic. However, I love my kidney beans and since I think I am not doing too bad with the rest of my shopping I find it somehow okay to buy those in a plastic bag.

I buy cocoa almost every week (we drink soooo much hot chocolate… I am always feeling a little guilty because of all the cadmium in the cocoa beans but it is our one guilty pleasure and we are somehow not willing to give it up) and I always by tomatoe paste and tomatoe puree in glass jars. Two weeks ago I also bought some soy sauce as you can see here. I think it’s around every 8 weeks or so that I buy soy sauce, maybe every 12 weeks… I never thought about it actually.

Yep, and that is mainly it! This is what an average grocery haul and my next door organic shop looks like.

Other things I always have in the house which are not pictured here, are algaes, nutrional yeast, different nuts, maple syrup and coconut sugar, and different superfood powders (mainly barley grass and wheat grass).

Does your shopping look somehow similar to this? I would love to know!!!

Oh and in case you noticed the beautiful bag here on the pictures: it is from The Noces, a really cool fair trade and ethical company that it producing beautiful bags, handmade by Malagasy craftswomen. 5-10% of all profit is donated to a non-profit organization in Madagascar, and the whole idea behind the label is to support women in Madagascar and to revisit traditional techniques from Madagascar. In case you like the bag make sure to check out The Noces


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  1. November 3, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    I see what you buy and then I think of what I buy and yikes, I need to eat healthier!
    Also, The bag is really nice!!

  2. November 15, 2017 / 10:34 pm

    So I totally stumbled across your blog after googling MY blog ( Turns out we not only have similar blog names but similar interests as well, haha! I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and ethical/fair fashion. Glad to find a kindred spirit!

    Love your bag, by the way! Big hugs from QLD, Australia 🙂

    Jess x