GOT BAG – My Travel Companion for a Trip alongside the Coast of Europe


One year in a motor home – travelling alongside the coast of Europe! This is what I am currently doing … and loving! And for this very special adventure, I was in need of a very special companion: a backpack made out of 100% recycled ocean plastic!

I’ve got many questions about our planned itinerary for our one year roadtrip and actually, we are pretty much just following alongside the coast of Europe. As we all love the sea and the beach, we decided to just always stay close to those! This means basically: the coast of Northern Germany first, then the Netherlands and Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Spain again, France again, then Italiy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria … and then returning back home through Romania and Czech Republic.

As for now, we’ve been on the road for almost a month and we enjoyed seeing the beaches in Northern Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium! But we also saw a LOT of plastic waste everywhere we went!

Seeing the beauty of the sea and the beaches every other day here on our little adventure is magical – and we love it! And yet it reminds us every day of the plastic pollution problem in our oceans! For my family and me it is the most normal thing ever to collect waste, whereever we find it … but I have to admit that we sometimes feel overwhelmed when we are at the beach: because it is just TOO much!

This is why I am very grateful for companies that are serious about actually collecting the waste not only from the beaches, but from the oceans! GOT BAG is one of these companies!

GOT BAG produces backpacks made out of 100% ocean plastic! Each bag is made of 3.5kg of plastic! Together with their partner SEAQUAL the company works with a constantly increasing network of fishermen who are extracting plastic found in the depths of the ocean. Till now they recovered 30 TONS of plastic from the oceans.

The plastic is collected in the fishermen’s nets and then gets transformed into high quality yarn which is used for the production of the fabrics of the backpack. The backpacks are then produced in China – under fair (European standard) working conditions.

When I heard about this Start Up I thougt that this backpack is the perfect companion for my trip alongside the coast of Europe!

The backpack is 100% waterproof which makes it perfect for long walks at the beach – and any adventures beyond. As you can tell from the pictures, it is rather large and can easily hold everything you need.

We use it to carry our groceries, the toys for our kids, diapers, and since is also has a removable laptop bag, I also use it for carrying around my “office” 😀 .

A padded and ventilated back panel and ergonomic straps are making sure you are at comfort, even on longer hikes! Finally, the GOT BAG is very durable and comes with a two-year warranty!

The other day, when we went for a walk at the beach in Belgium, we’ve been collecting waste and I realized that I didn’t bring any back to put the waste. However, the GOT BAG has a small pocket on the front and we decided to collect the smaller waste items in there.

Like this, the backpack is not only made of ocean plastic, but also helps me now to clean the beaches of Europe!

By the way, we took these pictures here in De Haan, in Belgium. I had NO idea how beautiful the Belgian coast is! We loved the beaches around De Haan and had a few wonderful days around the area. Don’t you think it looks stunning!?

By now, we are in France and we will check out the coastal areas here. In case you are intersted in seeing where we are and where we go, feel free to follow my instagram and check out my insta stories regularly – there I am sharing loads of impressions from our trip.

Now, I hope you find the GOT BAG as great as a project as I do and in case you are looking for a new backpack (but only if you really need one 😉 ) you now know to look for it HERE.


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