#vanlife: Five Month on the Road – a Recap

It is really hard to believe that – again- an entire month passed! Where did the time go? The fifth month on the road was the one that went by the quickest and it seems like not much happened in this month because we didn’t do a lot of kilometers. But of course that is not true – a lot happened anyway! So here we go with the recap of our fifth month on the road, living in a motor home as a family of four.

Our fifth month started with all of us getting sick, one after the other. First the baby caught a cold and a fever, then our girl, and then me. My husband felt only a little tired for a few days, but not as bad as the rest of us. For me it was the first time spending (almost) an entire day in bed in our motor home – and it was pretty cozy 😀

The first half of our fifth month, we stayed at the same spot where we spent the second half of our fourth month – close to a small town called Motril. We were having a few bad days, due to heavy rain and escaped in the mountains for three days – but then we return to Motril at the coast because some of our vanlife-buddys arrived there as well and we wanted to enjoy their company for a bit. As soon as the rain was gone, we had a wonderful time as a big group of 16 adults and 12 kids.

We all enjoyed the easiness of these days: I went working to a close by beach bar every morning and I spent the afternoon with the kids and the other parents while my husband was working. In the early evening we all met to hang out, swim in the sea and play at the beach. We went for walks and bicycle rides and just had a really good time overall.

However, after two weeks we felt like we have to continue. We stayed in Motril for a month and it was good – and very important for us – to take this break. But now we were very, very ready for new adventures!

Saying goodbye was a little difficult and it felt like a vacation was ending, but eventually we managed to leave and continued our little adventure on our own.

As soon as we took off we found the most beautiful parking spots: the first one was in a natural park close to the beach. Here we met friends from Leipzig and with them we visited some impressive underground caves (cuave de Nerja) that made us feel like in a lord of the rings movie.

We continued our way alongside the coast to yet another beautiful beach spot, and then to Estepona where we met the founder of Santaverde, a German natural cosmetics label. We had a wonderful day at the Santaverde Finca, learning everything about Aloe Vera and the brand’s story.

Finally after a few there-and-back-agains we now end up in the mountains behind Malaga, in the area around El Chorro. We are here since a few days now and will stay for yet another few. After weeks at the coast it is nice to enjoy to quietness of the mountains for a bit. Even though I have to admit that I am already missing the sea and the sound of the waves at night.  

We met old and new friends here and are having a wonderful time with sunny days and bonfire-nights. We feel like we really arrived in this new life and couldn’t imagine ourselves anywhere else!

Even though we didn’t drive as much as we did in the past few months in the past four weeks, I feel like we learned so much new! The fact that we spent a lot of time with a lot of people for quite some time changed a lot for us – since we travelled mainly alone the first three months of our trip. With every day passing by, we learn so much about ourselves, about us as a family, about our children, about how we want to live and who we want to have around us. It is through the people, the new surroundings, and the challenges that we learn who we want to be.

And I have to say, that now, after five months of travelling we came pretty far on this journey towards ourselves.  I am so grateful for this experience and I cannot wait to see how I feel like after six month, seven month, eight month … and who I decide to become during this trip. Which parts of myself I will leave behind, and which new ones I will collect on the way. For now, I am just very happy and very grateful for everything I got in touch with in these part month: all the parts of myself that I got in touch with, all the people I got in touch with, and all the different natural surroundings I got in touch with.

An adventure like ours is really one of the most precious gifts I could have made to myself.


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