Favorite Snack for on the Road: Stuffed Dates!

Since September 1st we are travelling – and we are snacking while travelling! Our favorite snack for on the road (and beyond) is stuffed dates, and today I am going to share the easy recipe for this delicous treat! 

Those of you following my blog for a while know that I LOVE dates. I have been sharing a recipe for peanut butter filled dates a couple of years ago and one for an easy date sweets last year. But this one here may top them both: Mushy sukari dates, stuffed with different nuts, and covered in dark chocolate!

The thing with dates is: dates are not just dates! There are soooo many different kinds of dates out there and it truly isn’t the same when you snack on a dry deglet nour date from your local supermarket, compared to munching on a chewy sukari date. Any recipe containing dates will taste completely different depending on which dates you put in there! Today’s little recipe does taste good with any kind of dates… however it tastes AMAZING when you use some mushy, sweet sukari dates!

But read more below….

Sukari dates?

Yes, these dates come in different varities and they all taste amazing! For this recipe here, I chose a very mushy sukari date because I just love biting through the hard chocolate cover, finding my way through a super soft and sweet date inner, and then finding the nut in the middle of the date. Pure bliss!

You simply won’t get the same experience when you make this recipe with a harder date. In case you can’t find sukari dates anywhere where you live, don’t worry about it: I can’t either. So I just order them online at the Palmyra Delights onlineshop which is THE shop in case you are loving dates and you are looking for the best varities.

But now, let’s look into this easy recipe! It can actually hardly be called for “recipe” because it is THAT easy…

Here is what you need:

Different nuts of choice
(I use brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashes, pistacchios…)

Soft sukari dates
(I use pitted dates)

Dark chocolate

Now just take a pitted date, put a nut inside and do this with all the dates you have. Then melt the dark chocolate and cover the dates in the meltet chocolate. That’s it!

Why do I recommend dark chocolate?

Sukari dates, like all dates, are very sweet. This is delicous. However, when adding sweet milky chocolate on top of already super sweet dates, you won’t get much of a sensation. You will end up with loads of sweet in your mouth but you won’t get excited about it. Believe me.

However, when using a very dark chocolate you will end up with the perfect blend of bitter (chocolate), sweet (date), and crunchy (nuts), and I promise you will LOVE it! In case you want to add even another taste, you are always free to add a tiny little bit of salt on top of your chocolate… just saying… 😉

When I make this snack, I always make a lot and every time I think “amazing, this will last us for a bit!” … and every time the chocolate covered stuffed dates are finished within a veeeery short time. Sometimes within a day. This is a little frustrating on the one hand, but this also is a nice compliment to my snack creations 😀

By the way, I always use different nuts when I make these and when the dates are covered in chocolate, noone knows which nuts are where. Sometimes we make fun out of guessing what nut we will find when picking a date treat from the box.

Where do I get my sukari dates?

When I buy dates, I always buy in big quantity. Not only do I save a lot of waste when I do it this way, but also can I save some bucks when buying more. When I was still at home (currently I am travelling for one year), I used to buy my dates in 5 kilo boxes. Now that we are travelling I keep it a little smaller, but I still go for 1 kilo boxes.

When I order at palmyra delights I usually go for the 900g boxes but you can easily order 3 kilo boxes there as well … or even 10 kilo boxes! This allows you to save on money and on plastic waste! Do you like dates? What is your favorite date recipe? And how do you like this little recipe here? I would love to know!

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