Favorite Coffee Shops in Leipzig Part 1 – Cafe S1 in Leutzsch

There is a new little series coming to the blog! Together with my friend Franzi from fr-ide.de we decided to take each other out to our favorite coffee places all around the city of Leipzig. So today I will start posting something about one of MY absolute favorite cafes and Franzi will post something about one of HER favorite places. Next week then we will switch sides and I will post about where Franzi took me whereas she will write about the coffee shop I took her out to.

Let the fun begin!

In case you plan visiting Leipzig you will very soon realize that having a coffee in some cool coffee shop is just something people around here do. like. all. the. time. It’s just where we people like to hang out. And lucky as we are, we have quite a range of really cool places to choose from. Some of them can be found easily, others not really. The Cafe S1 that I am writing about today is one of those places that cannot be found easily. It is like at the very end of this super long street that noone ever walks all the way to the end. It is a neighboorhood people from the center not even know exists or if so, where to locate. It is pretty much at the end of the world. And yet, it is so worth taking this little journey!

Why? Well first of all, have a look at this…

How cozy does this place look? It really is like a second living room to me and I go there not only for my latte but also to just have a clean place to sit and relax for a little (we have a 2 year old in our home making a mess 24/7 and sometimes it is just so much easier to go to the Cafe S1 to hang out there instead of cleaning the living room at home). I actually also go there for my business meetings, for blog meetings, and even to work from there. So the place is not only my second living room but also my office and my meeting room. I love it for that!

But that’s not even all to the story. The Cafe S1 is a vinyl cafe, meaning that you can actually listen to your favorite records while enjoying your coffee. Matthew, the owner, brought like hundreds of recors all the way from Canada to Leipzig, made a catalog with his entire collection that you are free to choose from. You can even bring your own records and Matthew will play them for you, if you like. I plan to do that since a while now and tend to forget over and over again.

Matthew came all the way from Canada, visited Leipzig and, together with his wife, decided to stay. Such a great choice! He found a place for his coffee shop in a house pretty badly in need for renovation and he worked for months with his own hands (and those of a few friends) making the place what it looks like today. There is so much love for detail in the entire cafe and nothing can be found in that exact way anywhere else in the world. The uniqueness is what makes the coffee shop so attrative to me – and the fact that things here are made with love, passion, and handcrafted.

When I looked through the pictures I made for this blog post I was like “oh no, I forgot to take a picture of the golden ceiling” and “oh no I forgot to take a picture of the homegrown tulips” and “oh no I forgot to take a picture of how beautiful they make oatmilk foam in a cute little golden cup for my little one so that she is feeling all adult and fancy”. You get the idea. There is so much more to the place than what I could put in pictures or in words here.

One thing I have not written about yet; the coffee. So the first few times I went, I had a normal latte and I was having a little bit of a caffeine shock afterwards. So the third time or so that I went, I ask how they make their latte and I was told that two espressi are the norm – something I can never ever handle 😀 so from that day on I made sure to order my latte with one espresso only and now I can really enjoy my big bowl of oatmilk with that little espresso inside and a bit of honey. But also those “real” coffee drinkers out there will for sure enjoy the coffee at the S1, especially those you like to try something new; such as coffee with maple syrup (seems to be a Canadian thing!?)!

About the food… well, that is where there is room for improvement. They have cake, sometimes vegan cake and that is it. The cake is supposed to be amazing but for those of us living this super healthy vegan lifestyle without refined sugar and stuff there is not really an option. However, once I just made my own cake, took it with me, shared it at the cafe with friends and left the leftover at the S1 so that others could enjoy it too. Thats actually quite a good compromise to me and I love that the owner is open for those kind of ideas!

And now make sure to click over to Franzi and check out one of her favorite coffee shops in Leipzig. I will write my opinion about where she took me in around a week from now so stay tuned 🙂

Oh and make sure to visit the facebook page from S1 Vinyl & Kaffee 🙂


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  1. Juni 3, 2017 / 8:45 am

    Looks like a great place to hang out, for sure was created with love and passion, I can tell just by looking at the pics! I don’t really spend my time in a cafes, I prefer relaxing outside or at home and a good cafe is always too expensive. And I don’t like coffee at all☺ Today is such a pretty day that I think we will go outside, maybe start jogging again☺ Have a lovely weekend, hugs☺☺☺

  2. Juni 4, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    This certainly does look like a cozy corner, I love all the little potted plants. And all the vinyl is so super cool!

  3. Juni 5, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    First off, what a cool series! I look forward to seeing where you take each other and read about your thoughts and experience at each place. To start, this one looks really cool! I like the fact that you can select a record (vinyl, which is even more cool!) to listen to while enjoying a cup; I can definitely understand why this place is your favorite! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!