Fair Fashion Underwear and Loungewear

It is this time of the year, between years, where I just like to sit, relax, read, look back at the past year and look forward to what is yet to come. It is this time of the year where I like to be quiet, be at home, feel comfortable. And it is this time of the year where cozy loungewear is key.

This is why I decided to make a post about ethical and fair fashion underwear and loungewear. To give you some inspiration on where to get the best comfy clothes for beautiful hours spend on the couch. I hope you enjoy this post!

I took these pictures in my livingroom, on the little sofa that my husband built for us. All those design and interior junkies among you may now think that it is so very far from what is trending right now or whatsoever. However, for me it is perfect. The furniture in our home that I like best are those that my husband built for us. They are’nt perfect, but they are for me. Like this sofa.

On a sidenote; this post is supposed to be about relaxing and feeling comfy and since I always like to be authentic I took the pictures on a no-shower, no-make up day. I am just not one of those posh blogs, you may have noticed already 😀

So I decided to put together two little chill-outfits for you. I wore both in real life and they both are really comfy. I decided to make one sweatpants cozy-look and one legging cozy-look. Because I know there are some sweatpants lover out there and some leggings-forever-and-always people 😀

I actually like both. Some days I feel more like wearing sweatpants but somedays I prefer leggings (I feel more “dressed” in leggings” so I go for leggings on days where I want to feel like dressed but I actually stay at home all day so it is not really worth getting dressed).

Oh and the book that I am reading here on the pictures is one that I got for Christmas: it’s from the Deliciously Ella series and I LOVE all of her three cookbooks. I got the book on December 24 and already made four or five recipes from the book. She also has a blog!

The cardigan that I am wearing is a birthday gift from my mother so not too much to say about that one, except for that I love it and that I am pretty sure it will be part of my next fair fashion outfit post 😀

Now to this first relax-outfit. I am wearing three different labels here and they are actually all Germany based.

First there is Comazo. Comzao is a German brand that is 130 years old! They produce their underwear and loungewear in their very own facilities. Comazo controls its entire manufacturing value chain. Production is in-house and includes knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, packing and shipping. Fabrics are bleached, dyed, finished and cut using modern and environmentally progressive processes.

So I guess you can understand why I like the brand!? I always enjoy supporting those brands that are actually taking responsiblity for the entire production chain. And how could one better control the production and making sure everyone is working under fair conditions than putting everything under one roof?

Not only that. The pieces are really comfortable. You cannot see the panties that I got but they are actually among the comfiest I ever had. It is this one here by the way.

On the picture I am wearing a Comazo leggings and a comzao top.

Comazo has both a conventional collection and an organic collection. Feel free to check out the organic collection here.

They ship all over Europe.

Now about my socks. I don’t know about you but wearing comfy, warm and pretty socks are actually quite important to me when I want to feel all cozy and relaxed. This is why I actually have a little bit of a collection of woolen socks and plush socks.

So here I am wearing those super cute handmade socks from Soven Socken.

Believe it or not but Soven Socken was founded by a mother and her daughter! How cool is that? I always love those kind of stories behind a brand. The socks are all handmade with loads of love!

You can check out Soven Socken here.

And now to the other cozy look that I was wearing in the past couple of days (and today, actually… except for that I wear a longsleeve today and another pair of plush socks).

So here I am wearing a label that made it on my blog a ton of times already: ThokkThokk. I became such a ThokkThokk fan over the past two years or so. All my favorite basics are from ThokkThokk (check out their oversized shrits in this outfit post from last summer or in this one) and I love their sporty pieces too. Remember my post about sustainable yoga wear? Well, of course ThokkThokk was part of it.

So here I am wearing the comfiest ever sweat pants from ThokkThokk and some plush socks (who else is loving plush socks???). The sweatpants is one of my most worn piece ever 😀 I wear it during days spent at home, I wear it when I go out  grocery shopping or to my favorite coffee shop, I sometimes wear it at night. I basically always find a good reason to wear it. And my husband is so jealous at it! I most definetly need to get one for him too. He always wants to wear my sweatpants but I never let him 😀

Those of you who know plush socks, know why I love them. If you do not know about them, make sure to get a pair to find it how comfy comfy can be!

You can check out ThokkThokk here. They have world wide free shipping!

I am also wearing a turtleneck from erlich textil.

Erlich textil is a German label producing all their products under fair conditions in Europe. I got to try them a year ago and the panty and bra that I got at the time are still among my favorites (and they still look like new!). The turtleneck here is suuuuper soft and I love to wear it both at home and underneath a sweater.

You can find the turtleneck here.

What I like about Erlich textil (besides the fact that they are very much into producing sustainable and fair) is that all of their pieces are very basic and timeless, and yet not boring or anything.

Find out more about Erlich Textil here.

On a sidenote: I am snacking on this delicious raw vegan snack with hempseeds, sesame, and goji here on the picture. It is from Pure Raw and just in case you are looking for a nice little healthy snacks for your cozy time, feel free to check out Pure Raw.

Now, there are of course many more fair and ethical underwear and loungewear labels out there and I could put together a long list of styles and labels for you. However, I do never really feel comfortable writing about labels and pieces that I do not actually know. You may have noticed that I never make anything like wish lists or similar. Simply because I do not want to promote products that I haven’t hold in my own hands, that I never tried, where I do not know about the fit, the fabric, the feeling on the skin, and so on. This is why, in this post, I only talked about a couple of brands, however, about those that I can truly recommend and where I am sure that you will not be disappointed by what you get.

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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