Fair Fashion Summer Inspiration with LANA Organic

Here we go with my first fair fashion outfit since pregnancy. It feels so good to have my body all for myself again 😀 Today’s outfit is featuring another beautiful wrap dress from LANA Organic, a German fair fashion label that I’ve been wearing a lot during pregnancy as well – and that I can also wear now that pregnancy is over. 

LANA’s Summer collection really is perfect for any body shape and any women – especially the different wrap dresses in the collection can be worn by anyone, no matter if with a baby bump or without. You can check out two other dresses from their current collection in THIS post and in THIS post. Both with baby bump 🙂

For today’s fair fashion summer inspiration I’ve been choosing the dress KAJA, made from a very light 100% cotton organic fabric. The dress is perfect for those really hot days, as the fabric truly is very light. I’ve been wearing KAJA yesterday when we had 40° C around here. And I felt just fine in this dress.

By the way, I just saw that all dresses from LANA Organic are currently 20% off – so in case that’s intersting for any of you, feel free to check them out right HERE.  

LANA Organic is one of the labels that I got to know when I went to fashion week in January. And guess what!? It’s fashion week again this week!

I really would love to go and I totally feel that I have the energy to do so. But since my baby boy is only 18 days old, I feel like it would be a little too much for him to come with me – and I wouldn’t go without him, as I am breastfeeding him every other hour.

So no fashion week for me! It’s somehow sad but I go with how things are. I am actually missing on quite a few events these days; that I all would have loved to attend. Some days I find it difficult to take things easy and stay at home (or around home) instead of jumping fully back into life. But hey, having this little baby is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for so there isn’t any reason to feel like I’m missing on something, am I right? 🙂 

So instead of going to fashion week this week, I will work on a few new blog posts, meet with my mother to write on our book (We are 60 pages down. Yeah 😀 ), go for walks with the little one, and spend time on the playground with my big one. Oh and there still is this huge 1-year-around-Europe-trip that needs to be planned as well… so it won’t be boring around here!

Our camper van is currently getting fixed and we will probably pick it up from northern Germany (where my parents in law live) in early August. Like that we will still have one month to prepare the interior and pack everything we need. 

In the meantime, I am still looking for a few things that we will need for our trip –  a fair and sustainble picnic blanket (water proof), hiking boots, bath slippers/flip flops, new sunglasses, and a few other things. Also, I am not sure yet about our van’s kitchen equipment – should we go for “real” plates and cups? Or should we go for some made from enamel? Plastic isn’t an option, obivously. So many things to think about!

Have you ever been on a several months long trip with a van?

If so, I can need any advice that you guys have!!! We still have soooo many questions!

I am getting more and more excited about the trip, the closer it gets. It’s only two months now and then we will be on the road for an entire year! We actually have our route for the first month ready, so we know where we will sleep and everything. However, after that we actually don’t really know exactly – this is partly because we want to go with the flow, but partly also because we simply don’t really get to plan everything we would like to plan. I mean, we just got a baby 😀

Anyway, how do you like this outfit? Isn’t it simply wonderful that fair and sustainable fashion can be so pretty :)?


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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