Fair Fashion Outfit with ThokkThokk, Linogija, MoiMoi Accessoires and Flamingocat

It’s Fair Fashion Friday! And I am here with a new all fair fashion look for you. I guess the fact that I chose to wear black is a sign for Fall approaching, because I rarely ever wear black in Summer. Anyway, I did feel very good in this black and grey look and actually wear those dark grey pants almost every day at the moment. I think they are the perfect in between seasons pants. But gefore getting more into detail about the pants I want to say a few general things about this look.

So I am wearing all fair fashion brands here in this look. Not all vegan though. My slippers from Birkenstock are made with leather and my beautiful little handbag is from the Finnish fair fashion label MOIMOI and made from leather too. The thing with leather and me is that it is SO much more durable than anything vegan so far. I have a leather bag from my mother that is 40 years old and looks like new. And even though I support and really like pineapple leather, cork, and other vegan alternatives, I have to admit that in the end I find it more sustainable to buy a leather piece that last a century instead of buying a vegan piece that lasts a season. Okay, this just on a sidenote.

Back to my outfit. The tshirt is from ThokkThokk and it is actually the same as the one I have been wearing in my last outfit post back here, just in black, obviously 😉 My pants are from the Lithuanian label Linogija that is specialised in making beautiful, clean, and modern pieces from linen.

My jewelery in this post is from a small label from Leipzig (my city) called Flamingocat.

Let me share a little more about each of these labels and pieces that I am wearing. Cause you know, evey piece in my wardrobe has a story and I like to share them 😀

So why I choose to feature a leather bag here in my blog is because I really like and support the concept behind MOIMOI accessoires. Their mission is to produce locally, support small companies, and pay fair salaries for both products and materials production. All products are made with artisanal techniques and vegetal tanned leather. The products are made in Finland and/or Spain and everything is 100% handmade. When holding this little handbag of mine in my hands, I can feel that it will last forever. It’s a bag my grandchildren will be able to carry around if they like to do so. This is why I decided to support and feature the bag here, vegan or not.

And a few more words about my jewellery here. The necklace and the earrings are made from birch wood and they are both handmade by beautiful Alex, the founder and owner of the small label Flamingocat that is making wood and silver pieces in geometric shapes. She is also offering workshops in how to make your own jewellery, something I find super cool and will certainly attend one day. You can check out her work at Flamingocat.de.


Now about those pants; Linogija is a small family business dedicated to celebrate the uniqueness of linen. It origins back to the late 1990s when a little workshop united a small group of craftswomen. All pieces are cut and sewed by hand using only natural linen fabrics. Linen is chosen because it is actually one of the most durable fabrics and it’s touch gets even better as time goes by. I really enjoy timeless slow fashion pieces like this one. They can be worn in years and years, can be combined into all diferent kind of outfis and can be worn in almost all seasons.

For today I combined the linen pants in a late summer outfit, but I am pretty sure they will be back on the blog later in fall with some oversized knit wear or so 🙂

How do you like this little late summer look of mine? Do you feel the same about wearing black only in fall and winter? I would love to know 🙂

By the way, I really enjoyed shooting at this cool location and I am a little frustated that the pictures did not turn out better than this. The light was beautiful but then somehow difficult to work with and we were slightly under time pressure when taking the pictures. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them no matter what!? I will just visit the same location again for a future outfit shooting of mine and get more out of it 😉

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. September 4, 2017 / 7:07 pm

    Der Schmuck von Flamingocat ist ja toll. 🙂