Fair Fashion Outfit with ThokkThokk

This is one of my most worn outfits this summer! I have this oversized tshirt from ThokkThokk Fair Fashion in four different colors and wear all four of them a lot. They go with everything, I love the oversized shape, and the high quality of the organic cotton.

And those pants? You will never guess how they made it into my closest… I actually found them second hand when I was looking for maternity wear! Some of you may know that I was pregnant from March to June so I was looking into maternity wear and got a few second hand pieces to make sure I am ready for when my belly is growing. During my last pregnancy I was’nt pregnant during the warmer months of summer so I could not really wear anything from that time. And I didn’t feel ready for a summer with a belly. The first thing I bought were those pants and even though my pregnancy ended after only three months, I did’nt regret for even a second that I got those maternity pants 😀

Are you as much into wide striped pants as I am?

In case you are looking for some fair fashion basics or even printed shirts, I think you should check out ThokkThokk. They have high ethical standards, everything is fair trade and organic, and they have really good quality. Plus they have worldwide free shipping.

I have worn my ThokkThokk shirts a lot and I have them since a year now – and they still fit perfectly! The seams stay where they are supposed to (you know when the seams on a shirt are somehow getting more and more skew with every round in the washing machine? I have that problem with sooo many of my shirts. Not with this one though.) and the shirts look pretty much like new even after 12 months of having been worn intensively.

Almost every day with me: my Matt and Nat backpack. I just love this one. Some days I think “take a different bag today, don’t be boring” … and yet, I can’t. It is always this backpack again and again 😀

My sandals are from the German label Gemini and they made it on the blog a few times already.

My jewellery is made in Leipzig! The pretty bracelet with the gem stone is from the small label Belle et la Bete, as are my earrings.

The necklace is a gift from my mother. Actually, it broke the other day and I was super sad about it. So I asked Tine, the woman behind Belle et la Bete, if she could fix it – and it took her five minutes to do so!

This is another reason for why you should support your local designers; not only can you change the world a little by supporting local labels instead of those big players that are exploiting their workers, but you can actually get to know the people behind a label, they can become friends, and they can help you fix your clothes or jewellery 😉

Thank you again Tine!

About the location… one thing I love about blogging is that I am always exploring new places. I usually like to shoot my outfits somewhere quiet. I am not the kind of person who likes to pose in front of hundreds of people watching. So usually, I take my pictures somewhere “hidden”. I like to explore abandoned places around my city, and, luckily, we have a lot of them where I live.

So for this shooting we went to a former harbor where there are two old storage buildings, both abandoned since decades. It was fun to explore the place, crawl underneath a fence to get there, and finally to take some pictures without anyone watching me 😀

How do you like this outfit? Would you have guessed that it is all ethical? I would love to know!


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2 Kommentare

  1. August 22, 2017 / 12:24 am

    I love them! Very cute ! I love the backpack as well. Beautiful photos 🙂

  2. August 22, 2017 / 7:46 am

    Ein wirklich schönes, lässiges Outfit für den Sommer. Ich finde gerade die Hose toll und finde es immer schade, dass der Schnitt mir leider überhaupt nicht gut steht.
    Und ich kann dich wirklich verstehen was die “einsamen” Locations angeht. Wenn wir mal irgendwo in der Öffentlichkeit unterwegs sind, finde ich all die Menschen auch öfter mal recht unangenehm. Und ich steh nur hinter der Kamera…

    Haha, leider war sie sogar noch ein Newcomer! Von so gut oder so erfahren, dass sie gar keine Anweisungen mehr gebraucht hätte, war sie also noch weit entfernt. Echt schwierig, gerade wenn das überhaupt nicht mit der Agentur kommuniziert wird. Ich habe das zwar dann so weiter gegeben, aber wenn die am Vortag wirklich noch bei der Vogue war, wird die sich wohl generell einfach ein bisschen durchschummeln… Bringt halt auf die Dauer nichts! Ohne Englisch bzw. generell Verständigung bei einem Shooting läuft’s dann halt echt etwas zäh und es kommt keine Stimmung auf.