Fair Fashion Outfit with The Noces and Deerberg Young Collection

Throwback to Portugal! Finally my very last pictures from Portugal are making it on the blog. I say finally because I absolutely want to draw some attention to a wonderful fair and ethical label that I am wearing here: The Noces!

I have been writing about The Noces sometime last year but since their style fits more with Summer, I thought it could be nice to remind you of that really cool project that their brought into life.

Before digging into all details on today’s outfit, just a small anecdote and reminder about why I do what I do here in the blog: the other day a woman that I met told me about a brand that is selling a product made from organic cotton and that is all fair trade. This lady was like “this is so cool! I can actually do something good and support a great project and at the same time I am getting this beautiful item that I wanted to have anyway! It feels SO good to shop this way! It is like doing charity and shopping at the same time!”.

I smiled at her and answered: “Imagine what this world would look like if you did this every time you spend money on something…”

I mean; imagine you would have this kind of feeling EVERY single time you spend some money! Imagine all your money would go to social projects, to organic farmers, to people who do their best to change the world towards a better place. Imagine you would stop supporting brands that are exploiting people, animals, and the environment. Imagine what an impact you would have! Imagine how good that would feel! Imagine how much more you would love the things you buy! And then: make this imagination become reality!

This is what I did a couple of years ago and this is what I try to communicate through this blog: it is possible to do something GOOD with your money – and to look good at the same time! And to wear stylish clothes at the same time! And to live life to the fullest at the same time! YES yes yes!

I am always getting a little over-excited when I write this kind of stuff (because just imagine!!! How awesome would this world be!? Isn’t that a great reason to become over-excited when thinking about it!?), so let’s move on to today’s outfit and why I am sharing it here…

So I took these pictures here back in May when I was in Portugal. You may be able to tell from what my hair looks like that I actually spent a day at the beach and right before going back home to our Air Bnb we quickly shot this little fair fashion outfit.

I am wearing those super old shorts that I bought back in 2004 when I was living in France. No joke, they are that old. They are made from linen and are a great proof that linen is a super long-living material that looks great even after years of extensive wearing. Especially in summer I love towear linen as it has a cooling effect on the skin – and I like the structure of the fabric.

With those old shorts, I am wearing a shirt from Deerberg. I have been writing about Deerberg quite a few times already, feel free to check out these flower pants from Deerberg, or this cute flower shirt. The shirt that I am wearing here is 100% organic cotton and is super light. It is currently on sale in case you are looking for something comfy and light to wear throughout the rest of summer … You can check it out here (it’s currently on sale).

But now to the piece that I actually made this blog post for: the bag!

First of all; it’s beautiful! But there is so much more to it! The Noces started off as a one woman business with the idea of uniting cultures, styles and materials. The founder says about herself:

“I launched The Noces to revisit traditional techniques from Madagascar and create a bohemian chic and modern line of accessories. Since my childhood, I witnessed first-hand the passion of Malagasy craftswomen. The perfect use of high-quality materials such as raffia, cotton, or zebu leather and the meticulous work on embroidery, weaving and carving always impressed me. I am so proud to team up with these talented women from rural areas to create handmade accessories, designed with love.”

I have this little thing with Madagascar ever since my MA in African Studies as I wrote to papers on different topics around Madagascar. So when I read about The Noces I was all like “oh, I need to learn more about them!”.

So at The Noces they work with family-owned businesses and sole artisans in order to maintain a close relationship with all suppliers, and they support Malagsay craftwoman by employing them in the production process.

Let’s go back to my little anecdote in the beginning of this post; now I could have bought a bag like the one here pretty much everywhere – but would I have a relationship to it? Probably not! Now having this bag here, I think about the Malagasy women every time, I wear it, I send them some good thoughts, I thank them for their work. I treat the bag with respect because I know how much work went into it. And I know I am wearing something with a story and a cause.

This makes a difference! Even every little thought makes a difference in this world. And every little act actually makes a huge difference!

Now, feel free to check out The Noces for more information and more bags.

I am going to be back later this week with a post all about LAVENDER! Cannot wait to share the pictures I took last week when visiting a lavender field… so stay tuned for that!

And would you mind doing me this little favor: just change one thing in your life today into something more sustainable, more conscious; that could be just sending some positive thoughts out to the universe, that could be resisting on buying that H&M shirt, that could be going to the organic shop instead of to the super market today. Just one small change! And this world will already be a better place! It’s that easy 🙂 !


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Juli 19, 2018 / 8:32 am

    You know I love your philosophy of living, that is so inspiring! And I like your outfit, especially your bag. I would love to go to Portugal one day, it must have been a great adventure, I know they have pretty awesome food out there:) But for now we enjoy Summer treats, sour cherries from our garden, sweet cherries, zucchini and cucumbers. How is your garden doing? Have a lovely day, hugs:)

  2. Juli 19, 2018 / 12:15 pm

    Wow! Also Shorts von 2004? Das ist mal ein Alter. Der Kauf hat sich mehr als nur gelohnt. 😉 Wobei man manchmal auch einfach Glück mit ein paar Teilen hat und manche einfach ewig gut aussehen und einem immer noch gut gefallen.

  3. Juli 20, 2018 / 3:28 pm

    I think it’s a great to know the back story behind your clothing. Especially when it is a great story like this 🙂