Fair Fashion Outfit with Paala, Boerdshoert, and Fritz Ferdinand

Fall is here and what does that mean? Cooooozy sweaters 😀

I am all into Fall and all into warm sweaters. My favorite for this season, so far, is from Paala and I find it the coolest sweater ever. It combines all I need for fall: it is grey, it is super soft and cozy, it is really really warm, and of course it is made under fair conditions and all sustainable.

Grey is my number one color in fall. I like to combine it with grey, grey, and sometimes grey. Okay, and sometimes also some blue or blush or black. Gosh, I am so boring! Who is with me 😀 ?

So the sweater here is from the fair fashion label Paala and it is part of their really really cool fall/winter 2017 collection. In case you are into minimalism, black, grey, and white and you like to support fair fashion labels, I think you should check their lookbook at paala.nl (how beautiful is that black sweater with the silver pearls on the shoulder???)

The skirt made it on the blog a few times already. It comes right from Berlin from beautiful Jenny who is the designer behind the label Boerdshoert. I blogged about her between others HERE and HERE.

My bag is from the Finnish fair fashion label MoiMoi and the prettiest little black bag I have ever owned 🙂

What more is there to say? Or right, those boots!

Well, those of you reading my blog for a while know that ever since spring 2017, I fell in love with silver shoes. So it was loafers all throughout spring and parts of summer and now I switched them to boots – being ready for the rainy saison and everything, you know!?

So my silver boots here are from the German fair fashion label Fritz Ferdinand and I learned so much from Selina, the lady behind Fritz Ferdinand (let’s support all those fempreneurs out there!!!). As I am always very curious about the brands I am sharing here on the blog with you guys, I asked her a million questions which she all answered in detail. She knows so much about how to work with leather, how to tan it, what kind of glue to use to glue shoes, when it is better to sew them instead, and she even worked with Fraunhofer Institut to research on the perfect way to tan leather.

The boots are made under sustainable and fair conditions and Fritz Ferdinand does actually only have this one style of shoes! One style, three colors. That’s it! Well, since the style is pretty perfect, why would you need more ;)?

I am really sorry about the bad quality of pictures in this post, by the way. I have some problems with my camera these days and I cannot figure yet out how to solve them. Working on it though. There will be better pictures including the booots coming up soon, I promise!


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  1. Oktober 4, 2017 / 10:48 pm

    Grey is one of my favorite colors to wear this time of year as well. Those boots are so cool!!

  2. Oktober 6, 2017 / 5:20 am

    Kann ich beim Kameraproblem irgendwie helfen? Oder ist es was an der Hardware und somit über “Fernhilfe” nicht lösbar? 😉

    Da hattest du ja echt Glück in der Bahn! Ich hab ja so meine Vermutung, dass es an der Strecke liegt, die ich meistens fahre. Auf der geht einfach immer was schief was Verspätungen usw angeht. Und das Personal ist auch eh meistens das Gleiche. Und die sind halt immer mega-schlecht drauf, egal wie freundlich man ist. Das nervt dann schon mal. 😉