Fair Fashion Outfit with Organic Basics and Thought Clothing

Who else is loving white clothes in Summer? I certainly do and this is one of the many reasons for why I love this outfit. I am wearing hemp culottes from Thought Clothing and a simple white tee from Organic Basics.

This outfit combines pretty much everything I love: it is super comfy, the materials are all 100% natural (no polyester!), it has the perfect colors for summer, it is somehow sporty and yet fancy enough, and of course it is all fair and ethically made.

I would love to know how you like it!

A few more details about what I am wearing here.

My simple white tee is from Organic Basics and those of you following my insta stories, know the label already. They are mainly known for their underwear and I would love to talk about their underwear – even though I am not the kind of person doing underwear-outfit-shootings. However, underneath their tee, I am wearing the most comfy bra I have ever owned. And not only the most comfy but also the best fitting ever. Like, I seriously could go for a run with it. They also have awesome panties, and the nice thing is that all products are made from organic cotton. You may know some ethical labels making loads of underwear from modal which is comfy as well. However, I personally prefer cotton underwear over everything else.

I also love how Organic Basic is stating the following on their website:

“We think that the fashion industry is a real dirty bastard, but fortunately, there’s a better way of doing things. We put sustainability at the core of everything. That means better fabrics, practices, and longer lasting underwear, t-shirts and socks, but it also means continuously improving our standards, and remaining humble at the same time. It’s our mission to lead the way on sustainable, better made basics.”

In case you are looking for organic basics – such as simple tshirts, panties, bras or socks make sure to check out Organic Basics. You can get 20% off your oder with the code consciouslifestyleofminexOB20

Are you a culottes fan? I am! I actually was for years. I have been wearing culottes when noone out there knew what they are 😀 No, just kidding, but it is true that I have been buying my first culottes ten years ago – and I still wear it! Ever since I got a few new ones, or rather second hand ones. When I recently checked out an online shop for fair and sustainable fashion I came across this one here from Thought Clothing and immediatly fell in love. It is made from hemp and those of you owning hemp pieces, know that they last forever and a super nice on the skin. They have a somehow cooling effect what is great in summer.

In case you are still looking for a few new fair and ethically made pieces for your summer wardrobe, feel free to check out najoba.com. They have a nice selection of both basics and fancier pieces plus a huge variety of yoga wear.

You can get 15% off your order (minimum order value of 60€) with the code conscious15. 

Please note: this code is available for fashion only and until 31.10.2018. The code is not valid for items on sale and expires when returning items (and the new value is below 60€).

I am thinking about wearing these culottes for fashion week next week… are you going? I am super excited already and cannot wait to meet some of you! Plus of course some awesome labels and the people behind. I just love listening to the stories of people who decided to open their own business and to talk about how things are going, the small and the big challenges and the whole motivation behind. Since I have my own business myself, I know how difficult it can be to fight for your dreams and to make your ideas become reality.

Make sure to follow my insta stories on tuesday (July 3) if you are intersted in seeing who I am meeting and what I am discovering in the green showroom 🙂

And now happy weekend to all of you! Enjoy it to the fullest, do not and never forget that you are awesome and worth the very very best in your life!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Juli 3, 2018 / 8:47 am

    Hach, sieht so schön sommerlich aus! Ich habe bis jetzt wenig weiß getragen, habe “nur” ein weißes Schwangerschaftsshirt und das ist so durchscheinend :-/
    Mir/uns geht’s nach wie vor gut, die Ruhe vor dem Sturm, haha!