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Hey there, it’s been a while! But today I am back with a fair fashion summer look, a coupon code for a wonderful shop for ethical fashion and lifestyle items, a giveaway on instagram, and some thoughts on a recent survey that I did in my insta stories. So be ready for loads of content 😀

Before starting off with all the fashion related stuff I want to share why it took me so long to publish this post. I usual post two blog posts per week and I am really fine like that. I always have sooo much content waiting and so much I want to share that I could easily publish every other day – but since I have only a limited amount of time available, I go for two per week. Anyway, every now and then things get a little too much and I need a little bit of a break. This is especially when my perfectly scheduled week is getting out of control; like when I am getting sick, when meetings are set that were’nt planned, when my girl needs more of my time than usual, of when my husband and I feel like we need more together-time than usual. A little bit of all of this happend in the past week so I turned off my phone, didn’t open my blog for a week and played “the settlers” with my husband instead 😀

Now I feel super ready for loads of writing and posting and I have a few beautiful things coming up: a recipe you asked for in my insta stories, loads of infos on aroma therapy, some more information on fair fashion, and even a new post on how I deal with stress – or rather why I left all my stress behind in 2017 and didn’t take it with me into this year!

So be ready for all of that in the coming weeks and months. And NOW let’s talk fashion!

This pretty summer look here is an outfit that I put together on najoba.com. From top to toe, I found both shirt, shorts, and shoes in that sustainable online shop. I actually really love checking out look books from sustainable labels and label-owned online shops, however, sometimes it can be much more fun to check out an online shop where you are able to find multiple labels and styles. Like this you can order completely different pieces, fabrics, styles and shapes in one place. This is what I like najoba.com for; you can shop clothes (all fair and ethical!), natural cosmetics, accessoires, and even shoes in one place!

So this outfit here actually consists of three completely different labels; there is the top from Thought Clothing made from tencel and organic cotton, the shorts from Recolution made from organic cotton, and the slipper from Joe N Joyce.

Currently all items are on sale… just saying 😉

In case you are not looking for sale items but you still want to save, you can get 15% off your order (minimum order value of 60€) with the code conscious15. 

Please note: this code is available for fashion only and until 31.10.2018. The code is not valid for items on sale and expires when returning items (and the new value is below 60€).

Talking about online shopping; I did a little survey in my insta stories last week to find out why many people out there still aren’t shopping fair fashion, even though they KNOW about child labor, the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry etc. What surprised me the most was that actually 73% of all participants don’t buy fair fashion because there aren’t enough “real” shops out there!

Since I never go shopping in the city, this problem wasn’t even on my mind!

I am going to share more about the info that I got through the survey in other blog posts, but for today I would love to know more about your thoughts: do you think shopping online is less fun? Do you think shopping is a “thing to do” like going out for coffee and that this is why so many people prefer going to the shops? Do you think it isn’t sustainable enough to buy online? I really would love to know!

I personally find it more sustainble to shop fair and organic clothing online; because no actual shop with all the recources it takes is needed, because fair and organic clothing is always more sustainble to buy no matter if online or not, because many small businesses cannot afford a real shop but they still want to so support the fashion revolution and a more conscious shopping behavior, so they open up online shops instead and I want to support them, because you shop more conscious when shopping online; or at least I do. I search for what I need and I buy it, instead of strolling through a real shop and seeing many things I do not need but then buy anyway.

However: buying nothing is always the most sustainable so if you asked me what to do I would say rather buy nothing at all 😀

No, we all need some new clothes every now and then and I will share a few more infos on how to shop sustainble without shopping online very soon!

How do you like this outfit by the way? I loved reading your sweet comments on the shirt on instagram the other day! Thank you for those! In case you like my shoes I recommend staying tuned on instagram – I am going to give away a pair of Joe N Joyce sandals of your choice! The giveaway is for my German readers only but still, I am pretty excited about it since the sandals are not only hyper cute but also super comfy and I just love sharing stuff I love.

So keep an eye on my instagram for your chance for a pair of sandals 🙂

Now that’s it for today. I am going to hurry to the train station now. I am off to Detmold to visit TAOASIS! Check my insta stories if you want to follow me around the lavender fields 🙂

Did I ever tell you how much I love travelling by train? I am on a six hours journey today and I am soooo grateful for having six hours all for myself, with a book, a matcha and some mulberries to snack on. This is pure relaxation to me 😀

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone and thank you for being amazing!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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