Fair Fashion Outfit with Monkee Genes and Deerberg Young Fashion

It’s fair fashion friday again! And today I am back with an outfit which is perfect for those slightly colder summer days – like the ones we are experiencing here right now. I am wearing fair and organic Monkee Genes Jeans and a summerly flower shirt from Deerberg Young Fashion.

I have been wearing this outfit two days in a row this week, and hence, you can tell I like it 😀 I am pretty much in love with that flower shirt that is the first flower shirt in a looooong time that I really enjoy wearing. I had a thing with flower shirts as I find most of them way too girly. However, this one here has a plain white back and a pretty cool cut which makes me actually like – and wear – it a lot. It goes with basically all downs that I have. With my skirts, my shorts, and most of my jeans.

Especially well with this jeans here, of course 😀

We took these pictures on a super windy, almost stormy day, and you can see my hair flying around everywhere. But it was fun though!

So about the jeans… I have been blogging about Monkee Genes back here and I am happy to write about them again, because they are one of those labels with a cause that I just like to share with you guys!

Monkee Genes is a jeans label for superior denim, carefeully sourced and made with conscience. Back in 2006 when they started, they had the goal to dispel the myth that sustainable fashion was dull and expensive. Since then the brand has grown into a ethical fashion brand offering innovative fits as well as an original apparel collection produced sustainably and ethically.

Fun fact: when I unboxed the package with these jeans here in my insta stories. Someone commented that she loves Monkee Genes too – because their jeans make the most tasty bum. My husband agreed 😀
The jeans I chose for this Summer are slim fit with some lycra for elasticity. This is what makes them extremely comfortable and great for all kinds of outdoor activities. So I wear them in the garden, for bike rides, for work, or right now – at home, all cozy wrapped up in a warm cardigan and these jeans that are as comfortable as sweatpants!

Just a few more words about the shirt which is part of the Deerberg Young Collection. I have been sharing a few pieces from Deerberg in my recent posts already. The shirt is made of organic cotton and under fair conditions – like every piece from Deerberg. Many of the labels that I am sharing here on the blog are pretty small ones and many do not have new collections every season – which is totally fine of course! Especially when the pieces are timeless anyway. However, sometimes I personally like and tend to check out new pieces every three months or so; and this is what I like Deerberg for. The old collection stays – so nothing goes to waste. However, new pieces are added in every season. All in limited quantities to make sure things keep being sustainble!

So this shirt is from the current Summer Collection and it comes in all regular sizes. You can check it out here.

By the way, I am also wearing both belt and shoes from Nine to Five. So far my favorite label for sustainable and ethically ade shoes and accessoires. They are based in Hamburg which is close to where I used to live as a child and that makes me someone want to support them even more.

Do you sometimes feel the same? When there is a project or label from a place you know and/or like a lot that you feel more like supporting them?

The shoes are from their new vegan collection (and unfortunatly pretty blurry on the pictures here, but I posted about them back here too), the belt is a leather belt that I have since two years by now (still like new!)

How do you like this outfit? I would love to know! How do you feel about wearing flowers on your shirts? Too girly or just fine when they come along as cool as in this shirt here?

And now, I wish you ALL a most wonderful weekend! I am in the middle of a juice fast so I am going to take it easy this weekend. My mum is coming over, I will enjoy some family time with my husband and girl, taking care of the apartment, and get a little bit of work done. I am very much looking forward to a little bit of quiet time.

By the way, are you intersted in a blog post about my juice fast? If so, make sure to let me know!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Juni 22, 2018 / 10:14 pm

    Aw, I love the wind in your hair! Perfect those loreal hair moment pictures. I’ve not heard of Nine to Five but I love your shoes. I shall check them out now 🙂 Happy Fair Fashion Friday!