Fair Fashion Outfit with Mein Frollein, Boerdshoert, and Fritz Ferdinand

Happy Friday everyone! For many out there it is Black Friday today and loads of people go crazy shopping tons of stuff.

Some of them because they really need it maybe, and because they have been waiting for the right occasion to finally buy it. Many, however, just for the sake of shopping. Millions of euro and dollar and whatsoever are spend today on fast fashion, on products made under unfair conditions, under conditions that have been harming to the enviroment, by companys which simply do not care about anything but profit.

Millions of clothes will be dumped again in the coming days, weeks, and months. As they have been dumped in the past days, weeks, months, and years. Clothes are burnt, thrown away, send to poor countries, destroying the local fabric and clothes industry and so on. This makes me sad. When I read the newspaper yesterday I just read a short article about how H&M and ZARA are actually burning their leftover clothes just because there are new collections coming in and there is no more space for the old ones. These clothes that are burnt are made by men and women who for the most part could never afford to ever buy anything like an h&m tshirt. Not even on sale. The men and women working in the garment industry in Bangladesh and other countries are for the most part that poor that all they can think off is how to get two meals per day for their children.

And yes, thinking about all off this makes me sad. In case you are new to the whole topic and you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend watching the documentary “the true cost”. You will know basically everything you have to know in only 1 1/2 hours and please wait until after watching before forming your opinion on the topic 🙂

OKAY. Now I will stop moaning about the world we live in, and start talking about my outfit. Which is all fair fashion and which is mostly rather old pieces. For this Black Friday I decided to wear rather old pieces to show that you do not need to buy tons of new stuff to create cozy and cute outfits. Shop your own closet instead. Or shop your best friends closet (thats even more fun 😀 )

I am wearing an all grey outfit, something I do a lot these days. I love the combination of grey and pink which, of course, isn’t anything new and you see this color combination everywhere. And I am just one of those people loving it and wearing it day in and day out.

Here I am wearing a skirt from Boerdshoert that made it to the blog a couple of times already. I love it because it is so versatile and somehow basic and yet not the average pencil skirt, because of the midi lenght and the slit on the side.

It is from the before last Boerdshoert collection or so and you can still buy it anyway. This is one of the many differences between fast fashion and many fair fashion labels; whereas fast fashion labels create up to 15 new collections per year and just burn leftovers from former collections, many fair fashion labels just add on their former collections but often keep a stock of “old” pieces.

So what else am I wearing here… the cardigan is a second hand one that I have been wearing a lot on the blog and a lot in real life. I love the way it looks, however, it is actually a polyester one (I bought it in an online second hand shop and it was said to be made from wool, however, it was not when it arrived – fail!). I do not like to wear polyester clothes in direct skin contact as it irritates my skin easily. Also, I do not like to wash polyester because of the microplastic that it leads to the groundwater. This cardigan is somehow okay to me as I usually wear it like a knit coat on top of something else and I rarely ever wash it because it hardly ever gets actuallly dirty or smelly.

I am also wearing a knit sweater from Rebello. That’s an Italian fair fashion label. I once found the sweater in a scarce goods box on a trade fair, it really was a lucky pick as I never found any shortcomings even though it was said to have some.

Oh yes and then I am wearing my Mein Frollein knit accessoires, of course. I have been blogging about Mein Frollein back here and I really love the label for the social work it is doing. And of course for the really beautiful and super warm accessoires. The headband and the scarfs are my absolute favorites and I wear them almost every day.

My backpack was a gift from my husband sometime last year. He gave it to me before we went to the Phillipines because I did not really have a good backpack for travelling at the time. It is a fair trade backpack called ANSVAR.

My silver boots are from the Germany label Fritz Ferdinand which made it on the blog twice already. You can find the posts hereand here

And finally, my necklace! It is from beautiful Alex, the founder of Flamingocat ; an awesome label for handmade geometric jewelleries from my city, Leipzig.


Okay guys, that’s it for today. I am tired, it is late. My girl decided to sleep lat tonight so my free evening is rather short and the kitchen waits to be cleaned before I am finally able to hop into bed (in my new bedroom by the way… oh I love it soooo much! We changed around in our apartment last weekenend and it feels like we moved to a new place 😀 )

So this is my Black Friday: going to bed early, wearing clothes that I have had for a long time and that I for sure will keep for an even longer time, and not shopping anything at all. Who is joining in?


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  1. November 27, 2017 / 1:36 am

    The concept of black Friday is pretty absurd. And now some stores even open in the evening ON Thanksgiving, when people should be at home spending time with their family. I always feel bad for the poor people who have to spend their holiday working, because of the crazies who want to buy cheap junk.

    Anyway, this outfit definitely looks really warm and comfortable. Perfect winter attire!