Fair Fashion Outfit with Linogija, Fritz Ferdinand, Hess Natur, and Fair Fibres

A new fair fashion outfit is online! I feel like I skipped fall this year and went straight from late summer to winter. At least I find this look here pretty wintery. I am wearing some linen-wool pants from Linogija, a cashmere sweater from Hess Natur, some Fritz Ferdinand boots, a second hand coat, and my beautiful Fair Fibres cashmere scarf.

Today’s focus is on the scarf, actually. I mean, I like all the labels I am wearing here, for a variety of reasons. And I have been wearing them all on the blog already. So today I want to focus on the small label Fair Fibres because it may be an inspiration for some of you when thinking of a nice little Christmas gift…

There will be more “Christmas gifts with a cause” inspiration on the blog in the weeks to come and today’s post isn’t a gift guide, but in case you are looking a beautiful scarf for someone anyway, then Fair Fibres may be worth a look.

The label is worth all your support, not only because they really have high quality and beautiful scarfs in their collection, but they do also have a mission. Fair Fibres is only working with fair trade suppliers who employ disabled and disadvantaged people. They make sure to teach them valuable skills which, as they state on their website “they need to survive in societies where social welfare is severely limited and where people with disabilities are often ostracised. Without these valuable skills and the support networks these organisations give them, their quality of life would remain seriously diminished.”

They have beautiful scarfs both for men and women and I really think they make a great gift.

Feel free to check out more on Fairfibres.co

The coat I am wearing here is second hand, by the way. I bought it last year and love it a lot. When it comes to coats, most of mine are actually second hand. I find it difficult to spend a furtune on a fair fashion coat, because, lets be honest, they do cost a furtune. So, so far I rely on second hand pieces and they make me really happy. Currently I am looking for one in baby blue but as it is with second hand clothes, it is always a question of being lucky – or not. So lets see if I will have one any time soon 😀

About the other pieces, I am wearing here. Feel free to check out THIS POST to read more about Fritz Ferdinand (my silver boots) and THIS POST to read more about my fair fashion linen pants from Linogija

My little black bag has made it on the blog back HERE and is from the Finnish fair fashion label MoiMoi and my sweater is a really old one from Hess Natur. I have it since seven or eight years. Actually, it is not a sweater but a short dress that I used to wear as a dress. However, since a couple of years I do no longer feel comfortable wearing really short dresses (I am getting soooo old 😀 ) so I wear it as a sweater now, and I think it works just fine like that.

By the way, when we took these pictures I really was feeling Winter. Not only from the clothes I am wearing but also from the light outside. We took these pictures at noon, the brightest time of the day, and still they turned out a little blurry kind off, because it seems like it was too dark for my camera to take really sharp pictures (or rather I still do not know how to actually work that camera of mine…).

So it is the time of the year where taking outfit pictures becomes a real challenge. Which is okay, I alway like challenges anyway 😀

How do you like this little fair fashion outfit of mine? I would love to know! And how do you feel about coats for fall and winter? Are you a second hand shopper too?


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  1. November 18, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    I love that coat!! It looks very warm. 🙂