Fair Fashion Outfit with Modern Merfolk, Linogija, and Nine to Five

Oh hello there sunshine! Good to have you back! I am getting all in the Spring mood with pastels, light fabrics, and loose fits. Who is with me?

So today’s outfit is mix of second hand and fair fashion items. I haven’t been second hand shopping in a while, but then two weeks ago when I was in Glasgow and it was freezing, all we did was going from one vegan café to te next one – and hopping from one second hand shop to the next. It was so much fun! I forgot how much fun it is to shop second hand stores! Since I brought only hand luggage with me, I wasn’t able to shop too much but I got two blouses and a Spring jacket (and something for my daughter and husband). The blouse that I am wearing here is one of the two that I got. I paid 99 pence for it!

Strictly speaking, I am having two outfits for you today. Or, to put it differently: I have two styles for inspiration on howto dress on those not-warm not-cold days that we are having in Germany right now. It is too warm for a jacket, too cold for sweater only and depending on the wind it changes anyway all the time. So what I like to do is to wear either a scarf with my outfits or a cardigan. Or, when it is really cold, both. So here I have my pants-blouse-look styled once with a cardigan and once with a scarf.

My pants are my favorite ever, they are linen mixed with wool and I wore them on the blog a hundred times already. They are from Linogija and in case you are looking for high quality handmade linen pieces, make sure to check out their etsy shop. I love them! A few reasons why: all women only business, fair and organic, giving work to older women who would have a hard time otherwise, super comfy, super cool styles, lovely people!

The blouse is, as written above, second hand. It was a lucky find in the sale section of thrift shop in Glasgow. Happy me!

My shoes are Nine to Five. I wore those a lot on the blog and I am pretty excited that Spring is finally here so that I can wear them again!

It is a little difficult to see on most of the pictures here, but I am actually wearing a super cute necklace from Modern Merfolk

Modern Merfolk is such a great place to shop consciously. Paige is writing on her website:

I started Modern Merfolk so that people who made the first step, making the choice to live a healthier life, would find a site that explained what to do next. My goal is to make sure that you have everything you need to make a smooth transition into healthier living, whatever that looks like for you. 

Paige is even giving some information on why she and her husband went vegan and I would love to share her input with you :

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of:

ocean dead zones

Species Extinction

Water Pollution

Habitat Destruction

51% of Global Greenhouse gas emissions

Est. 9 billion land animals are slaughtered in the US for food every year

I find it absolutely great what Paige is building up there and I am all in spreading the message. This is why I blog, right!?

You can find my exact necklace HERE

About my cardigan and scarf.

The scarf is a really old one that I got back in 2013 during a stay in Chicago. It was May and I didn’t expect the Chicago winds to be THAT cold at the time. But they were and I was freezing. And since I wasn’t as much into fair fashion back in the days, I went into the first H&M that I saw and got a scarf and a jacket on sale for some 20 dollars or so. I ignored thinking about why they are so cheap and today I just try to wear them as much as possible and to take good take of them so that at least they are not going to waste too early – as it happens with many fast fashion pieces, unfortunatly.

The cardigan however, is rather new. I got it through the HUG Berlin online shop which is one of my favorite concept stores for sustainable fashion. It is out of stock now, but at HUG you can find a ton of other really beautiful pieces!

How do you like this outfit and the necklace? I would love to know!

Also, I wish you all the most wonderful weekend. Here it is supposed to be warm and sunny and I cannot wait to spend loads of time in the garden and on the balcony and getting both ready for Summer. I will be back next week with a natural cosmetics post – and probably something food related. I also have this German article in the pipeline where I write about food and selflove. Maybe I will be able to finish that one this weekend… can’t wait to read your thoughts on it!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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3 Kommentare

  1. April 8, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    Oooh I really like that long cardigan, it looks so warm!

  2. April 9, 2018 / 10:54 pm

    Superschönes Outfit! Ich mag das, wie du zu jedem deiner Kleidungsstücke eine kleine Geschichte zu erzählen hast- ich finde das gibt selbst einem H&M Teil wie dem Schal ein wenig mehr Wertigkeit, wenn man sich Gedanken um Herstellung und Preisgestaltung macht. 🙂

    Alles Liebe dir, wünsch dir eine schöne Woche!