Fair Fashion Outfit with Laura Deerberg

Fall is here everyone! And here I am with my first fair fashion fall look with a blouse from the new Laura Deerberg collection! I actually love fall and I love when I can start wearing fall colors (which for me a black and grey to be honest) again. I am already looking forward to even colder days when I can start to layer 😀

These days it is still very warm around here, so I begin by transitioning colors into fall but I still go for wide pants and blouses for most days. However, I also got my old – and still favorite – boots out again. I have them since six or seven years now and I take them to the shoemaker every year to have them fixed and to prepare them for the coming season. Treating your things well will make them last forever… well if they are from natural and good quality material at least.

Anyway, now some more details about this outfit…

The pants that I am wearing here are some that I got back in 2013 when I was living in the US. They are from the US based label Lands End which isn’t a fair fashion label; however, they do make really high quality pieces that last forever. I bought a couple of things from them back then and they all still look like new. The pants have a timeless cut and I used to wear them for office when I was still employeed. Today I still enjoy them even when I do not have any reason to wear anything business like 😀

Again, as I wrote above: treat your things well and they will last you forever! Also, investing in timeless pieces is like the key to a more sustainable wardrobe! It is SO worth spending those extra few bucks in pieces that will last you ten years or more and that are never getting out of fashion. Sure, I too enjoy fashionable and trending pieces BUT I find the simple basics still most important to have!

And now to that blouse. How perfect is that one for fall? I am soooo in love with the pattern! And yes, I KNOW again I didn’t iron my stuff before taking pictures. Seriously what kind of fashion blogger am I 😀 ? Those of you following my blog sine a while now about my creased clothes already, for everyone who is new here: I don’t iron my clothes and more often then not they are creased. That’s what life is like around here. Sorry for that 😀

Fun story about that; today I had a photo shooting for work. I recently got interview for a big national wide newspaper and today the photographer came to take some pictures for the interview. I thought I look serious enough and cool enough and we started taking pictures. After a while we checked the pictures and suddenly I realised that my white blouse was all creased! The photographer noticed it too and we both had to laugh at it. Now there will be a picture of me in a nation wide newspaper, wearing a a creased white blouse.

I think they should put the hashtag #formorerealityinnewspapers under the interview 😀

Okay, but we’ve been talking about the blouse. So it is from the Fall collection of Laura Deerberg and made from 100% organic cotton.

You can find the exact same blouse here. I am wearing a size S here and the blouse comes a little oversized with a longer back – so can be worn with leggings as well and is perfect for any kind of layering. I am pretty sure this one if going to be one of my staple pieces this season and will be worn a lot 🙂

How do like this fall look? And what are your favorite colors for fall? I would love to know!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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