Fair Fashion Outfit// L’amour est Bleu & Rok Cork

It is time to share a new favorite fair fashion brand with you guys! I am actually really excited about this one, because I love how dedicated the woman behind the label is… I am talking about L’amour est Bleu.

Thien Huynh is such an inspiring soul who decided to quit the conventional fashion path after ten years of experience. She founded her own label to inspire women to enjoy fashion all while having a clear conscience. Thien is creating small collections with only very limited pieces per collection which are all of absolutely great quality and fit. She is doing EVERYTHING herself, not only the designing and marketing of her pieces, but all the paperwork behind too. Since I am an entrepreneur myself, I know that this is everything but easy. Especially when you are having a toddler at home (her child is three, mine will turn three in April). I guess it is because of the many parallels between the two of us that I just really love her label.

Well, of course it is also because I really love the pieces she is creating. I will share a few other treasures that Thien created in the coming weeks, but today is all about the beautiful skirt that I am wearing here…

The skirt is made from the softest material, a blend of cotton and bamboo and it so incredibly comfortable. It is one of those skirts that leaves you with the feeling of wearing sweat pants even though you actually look super dressed in it 😀 Can anyone related to this comparison?

I love the little twist with the asymmetric seam and the fun drapery.

By the way, the skirt is on sale right now: check it out here

I am sure I will be wearing it a ton of times on the blog again and again and cannot wait to combine it with my Spring and Summer clothes, actually 🙂

Here I am wearing it with a striped shirt from Arme Angels that I got for Christmas from my mother. It is another favorite piece of mine that I am wearing around every other day at the moment (and yes, on most days I wear it with sweat pants and my shiny silver shoes… those of you watching my insta stories know about it 😀 … for my excuse I would argue that this simply is what mumlife and homeoffice life is like.

I also want to say a few words about the handbag I am wearing here. It is actually my very first cork “leather” bag. Those of you following my blog, know that I am still having quite a few leather pieces. This is mainly because so far no leather alternative convinced me. The products simply didn’t last as long as a leather pieces (I have leather pieces that are 40 years old and are still perfect and I find using a bag or a belt or a pair of shoes for many many years is more sustainable in the end, compared to buying new ones every other year because they break). However, I decided to give Rok Cork a try anyway and I will be giving vegan shoes another try too, the next time I need new shoes.

Rok Cork is stating on their website:

“Cork is really one of the few materials used in fashion that has a truly sustainable footprint and nurtures the caring relationship the fashion industry and nature can have. Unlike most vegan leathers on the market, cork leather does not contain plastic, polyurethane or other harsh chemicals. With luxe hardware, signature lining, premium cork and leathers, every design element in our Cork handbags is infused with a high level of Made in Portugal” craftsmanship to ensure the exceptional quality, softness and durability you have come to expect from us. Rok Cork handbags not only look great, but feel amazing, lightweight, soft as suede, and easy to clean. Sustainable and Eco Fashion is going mainstream and doesn’t have to be boring.”

I can confirm that the handbags feels amazing and really soft and it seems to be pretty resistent too. I will keep you updated on how long it lasts in the end 😀

I got my pretty bag at linea.shop which is an online shop for various cork handbags. They have their own label too, but are also selling other labels. Everything is made from cork leather and you will be able to find all styles on their website; from purses to backpacks in all colors. I had a hard time to choose only one bag because they really have a few super super cute there. Oh and yes, there is sale too, right now.


And now, on a side note. I KNOW I have lint aaaaal over my coat! Don’t think I will ever be perfect when it comes to blogging 😀

And here is how I take my outfit pictures… I go out with my little girl and husband and we go to a nearby spot, my husband and I, we both know that we have around five minutes before our girl will want to continue and is getting bored. So we hurry taking a ton of pictures, most of them are all blurry because I am moving around and my husband isn’t able to focus. Then I have a look at the pictures and I say “oh no, look at my hair this doen’t work at all, we have to take a few more” all while my little girl is starting to say that she is getting cold and she wants to continue. We take another few snaps, before she starts crying “I want to go to the playground NOW”. And we stop taking pictures. Later, when she is having her nap, I look at the pictures… just to realize that I have lint all over my coat (or that my hair looks terrible or my shoes are dirty, or my belly is too big or whatsoover, you get the idea 😀

But you know, I am okay with it actually. You can find perfection everywhere, and when you are here, to read this, then that means that you like the imperfection of a mother and businessowner with not enough free time for fancy shootings 😀

Oh in case you wonder about where my fuzzy coat is from. It is an old one that I got from Lands End back in the days when I lived in the US (2013). I know Lands End isn’t really fair fashion but their clothes really lasts forever and that is why I like them anyway (even though I didn’t buy anything there since I came back to Germany).

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit post! If so, I would appreciate if you leave a comment below. And maybe a like on facebook!? I have a facebook page only since a couple of months now and I don’t have a lot of fans over there yet. Maybe you become one ;)? Hop over to my facepook page


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Januar 25, 2018 / 2:16 pm

    Haha, was für eine süße Geschichte dahinter. Ja, so läuft es eben manchmal, wenn man Zeitdruck hat. Bei Shootings denke ich mir bei der Bearbeitung auch manchmal: wie konnte ich nur diese Falte übersehen (usw.). Passiert!
    Dein Rock ist wirklich schön, aber generell passt das Outfit einfach gut zu dir.