Fair Fashion Outfit with KOKOworld, The Noces, and NOUA Jewelry

It is fair fashion FRIDAY and, hence, time for a new fair fashion outfit! This one here is another one from my vacation in Portugal. I am wearing KOKOworld, Lanius, the Noces, and NOUA jewerly. It’s the comfiest outfit ever and yet it has just the right touch of elegance. Would you agree?

I mean, maybe it is the soft portuguese light that makes this outfit look slightly more elegant than it is. Or maybe it is the rough but beautiful background in a narrow street in Olhao. I don’t know, but I just really love this look for being both comfy and casual – and yet classy. If I was to describe my style I would always say that it is a mix of comfy and classy. Even though I have to admit that this season I am playing around with some slightly sporty styles as well. Anyway! Wanna know some details and some really cool stories behind the different pieces in this outfit? Scroll down…

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is the necklace I am wearing. I pretty much only wear sustainable jewelry by now. However, not all jewelry is equally sustainble. Some is made in a fair way and ressources come from fair trade producers, but still; new resources are used!

Much more sustainble is jewelry that is made from recycled materials. There is already SO much gold, silver, stain less steel, etc. out there – so why not use it? I think recycled materials should always be preferred over new materials and this is why I like NOUA jewelery so much! They use ONLY recycled materials for their beautiful small collection of gold and silver pieces. Everything is then produced under fair conditions – of course. Otherwise I would not share the information about them here 😉

I have been sharing another piece from NOUA back in this post and you can find much more on their website

Now about my clothes. The blouse is from Lanius which is a German fair fashion label and I got it as a gift from my mother last summer. I wore it on the blog last year in combination with some striped pants and the outfit was one of my most liked ever (THANK YOU GUYS!). You can check out the post here 

The shorts that I am wearing here are my fav this season. I wore them on the blog just a few posts back and I am pretty sure they will make it on the blog again and again, this summer, next summer, every summer as long as they last. I just love them. So comfy, perfect color, long enough to feel properly dressed, and of course all fair and ethically made. They are from KOKOworlds current collection and can be found in their online shop.

Finally just a few words about this perfect summer bag. I got it last fall from The Noces and wasn’t really wearing it a lot because it didn’t fit the season. Now that summer is here, however, I LOVE wearing it. It was the only bag that I brought for my Portugal vacation and it totally was all I need. It is small enough to carry it around all day, and yet big enough to carry my camera, purse, water bottle, and a few snacks.

The Noces is another remarkable label. They use eco-friendly raffia palm leaves to create these kind of bags (they have different styles in their collection) and they use ancestral techniques of craftsmanship from Madagascar (weaving, carving, crochet and embroidery) to create their pieces. I just love projects like this and I am so grateful for all the people out there who dare to do something good and to invest into a better future for all of us!

In case you want to know more about the Noces, feel free to hop over to their website. For my German readers: they do sell on avocadostore as well 🙂

That was basically it for today. How do you like this outfit?

Now, happy weekend to all of you! Do you have anything nice planned for the next two days? I have a bunch of plans and I actually hope that there will be enough time for rest and time off – or rather cleaning the apartment – as well. Anyway, I am looking forward to a picnic tomorrow morning, festival tomorroc afternoon and night, and a family lake day on Sunday.

By the way, I always appreciate your feedback here on the blog and/or on instagram! In case you do not follow me on instagram yet, you can find me as conscious_lifestyle_of_mine 🙂

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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