Fair Fashion Outfit with KOKOworld

From now on it’s going to be Summer on the blog and here we go with a first Summer look. It’s an all fair fashion outfit with two pieces from the amazing label KokoWorld. It’s colorful, and bright, and comfy, and ethically made, and I just love it. I hope you do too!

These pictures were actually taken in Portugal and this look is one of many that I have been wearing here during my vacation. I went to Portugal with my husband and little girl for a much needed time off. Ever since our miscarriage in the end of February my husband said that he wants to go on a vacation with us; me however, I was rather sceptical because of money issues and other. However, we ended up booking the plane tickets and an airbnb and all of a sudden it was time for departure. And it was the best decision ever! After only two days we felt recharged, full of energy, love, and trust. It’s amazing what a few days in the sunshine with the two people you love most in the world can do to you!

Anyway, today I want to focus on this outfit here…

I was actually super excited when I got to know from KokoWorld that they would like me to share some of their new summer collection on my blog and when I checked their webshop for new items I immediatly fell in love with this sweater. It is maybe not what I am usually wearing but I LOVE it! I wore it to an event in Berlin THE DAY it arrived in the mail box and I wore it a lot ever since. It is the only sweater I brought for my vacation in Portugal and I think it goes SO well with the blush shorts that are also part of the new summer collection from KokoWorld.

I have been wearing the shorts every other day here on vacation. Since we are travelling with hand luggage only, I only brought the clothes I absolutely need (to post on my blog 😉 ) so I am rotating this shorts and a blue one. These here are not only the coziest I ever had but I love the medium lenght of them. Maybe it’s because I am a 30 year old woman, but I just don’t fancy those super short shorts.

Both the shorts and the sweater can be found online on kokoworld.com

Have you been to Portugal before? I have been to Lisbon when I was pregnant with my little girl; almost four years ago. This time we went to the most southern area, the Algarve, close the border to Spain. And it simply is amazing! There will be more posts coming up and please feel free to let me know what you are most intersted in; how I am eating when travelling? What the region looks like? Is it a good area to go as a vegan? Is it a good area to go when searching for peace? A post about what I bring in my bag when travelling? Feel free to comment or message what you would like to read about 🙂

And let me know how you like this outfit! When my husband saw this sweater he said “oh well, I think I first have to get used to it” 😀


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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