Fair Fashion Outfit with Feuervogl Denim, Funktionschnitt, and Nine to Five

It’s time for a new fair fashion outfit! I am sloooowly transitioning into fall, wearing an oversized cardigan in today’s look. To be honest, I cannot wait to wear heavy knits and warm and cozy pieces every day, but the weather here is still okay warm so on most days it’s a t-shirt or blouse anyway. Okay, but back to the outfit.

We all want the perfect jeans, don’t we? I actually have a few “perfect” jeans in my closet, well, at least a few jeans that I really like to wear and that I wear a lot. However, even though most of my closet is fair fashion by now, I always had a hard time finding some really good fitting fair fashion jeans. I tried a few different brands but somehow I wasn’t able to find the perfect fit (most of them were too loose and looked sacky). Until now! Yeah. Look at these jeans here… I actually think not much words are needed, as the pictures talk for themselves 😀

What’s your favorite fit for a jeans?

I usually wear either boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. The problem with boyfriend jeans is that I find them hard to style in winter (because I only like wearing them with naked ankles) and the problem with skinny jeans is that most of them are not comfy at all. And I need it comfy. I am a mumpreneur, working, nursing, blogging, cooking etc. etc. etc. all day long. I just cannot wear clothes in which I do not feel comfortable. It simply doesn’t work with my lifestyle 😀

The jeans that I am wearing here are actually the most comfy I have ever had. Like really. After the shooting for the blog, we actually went to our garden and I wore them the entire day; gardening. And they were just perfect for crawling around the plot weeding and digging 😀

Which, of course, does not mean that they are ONLY good for gardening, I am just writing this to point out how comfy they are. I find them pretty perfect for almost any occasion as they can easily be dressed up or down and go with almost anything.

The jeans are of course 100% organic and fair fashion (made in Europe). Feuervogl Eco Denim makes nothing but great pants and you should make sure to check them out if you are looking for some new jeans.

So what is more to this outfit? I am wearing this super old cardigan from Free People that I found back in 2013 in some kind of outlet shop in the US. I was living in Ohio at the time and when my husband came over from Germany for Spring break we went for road trip through New England. I remember it was snowing heavily one day and we were’nt able to leave Manchester City in Conneticut, so we decided to spend the day in a mall instead. I didn’t buy a lot but I was thrilled when I found that cardigan from Free People. Unbeliveable it has been 4 1/2 years already…

Anyway, I am also wearing my Funktionschnitt shirt that I have been wearing HERE on the blog already. And my much loved Nine to Five loafers that I am wearing every day anyway 😀

Oh, my belt is from Nine to Five too. Earrings are Leipzig-made from Belle et la Bete and the necklace is from the Danish label Jane Koenig.

How do you like this little outfit of mine? Do you have some fair fashion denim in your closet and can recommend some brands? I would love to know! I am always curious about your favourite brands and opinion!


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4 Kommentare

  1. September 11, 2017 / 11:29 pm

    Beautiful jeans! They do look really comfortable!
    I can’t believe it’s time to be bringing out the fall clothes!

  2. September 13, 2017 / 12:30 am

    These jeans look really nice. It is always so hard to find a good pair of jeans! I have a pair now that fits pretty well, but the ankles are so skinny I can barely get them over my foot..

  3. Sunniva
    September 23, 2017 / 11:31 pm

    Love it! Lovely jeans.